Mail a Tale: Children’s Book Subscription Service {REV!EW}

As a former Kindergarten teacher with a love for children’s literature, you can only imagine how excited I was when I heard that there was actually a mail out book subscription available to children in Canada!

When Mail a Tale offered for me to review their service and to provide them with some genuine feedback, I was all over it!

For $28.95 per month (including free shipping), this subscription service selects age appropriate books for children from BIRTH to 10 years.

It is simple! You join the service and pay per month with no contract and no termination fees. Each month, the child who is subscribed will receive 2-3 books (varies per month) that will interest them as they are specifically hand picked according to your child’s age, reading level and interests.

Children love books and who doesn’t love to receive new books?! Receiving a book (or two, maybe even three) in the mail is such an exciting thing for a child. Receiving mail of any kind is always exciting, but when that package includes books, my children literally jump for joy and have a race to the couch.

We have received two months of this wonderful service and I have been nothing but impressed. The books arrive in a sturdy box so that they do not get damaged and they are wrapped in tissue paper with a sticker so it literally is like opening up a gift! Did I mention how much of a fun gift I think this makes?!

What I love is how amazing the Mail a Tale team is and how eager they are to make their service as good as it can be.

After receiving my first shipment, I made a few suggestions for how they could change their service to make it even better and they listened! The next month, I received an email prior to shipment with a curated short list of book combinations for me to review and approve. Wonderful! This service went to something that was fun and a great idea to being personal and amazing!

The books that we have received from Mail a Tale have been fun, creative and have helped my children to continue to be excited about literature!

Mail a Tale Information:

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2 Responses to Mail a Tale: Children’s Book Subscription Service {REV!EW}

  1. Shari G says:

    What a cool service! I like the way they make it look so special.

  2. Wendy S says:

    And what kid doesn’t like getting their own mail!?!

    How fun!

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