ChildUp Math Learning Cards {REV!EW} and {G!veaway}

ChildUp Learning Cards are a wonderful tool for parents to use with their young children (aged 1-5) to teach them early math skills.

The Math & Logic 1 Learning Cards Set Information:

  • 48 Child’s Cards to learn to count from 1 to 10
  • features 10 popular animals
  • includes 16 Parent’s Cards presenting the 1st part of the ChildUp Early Learning Method, with practical early learning and parenting advice
  • set helps children learn numbers as quantities and symbols
  • helps to teach the first steps of addition

The Math & Logic 2 Learning Cards Set Information:

  • 48 Child’s Cards to learn to count from 10 to 20
  • features four different series of 10 new animals
  • includes 16 Parent’s Cards presenting the 2nd part of the ChildUp Early Learning Method, with practical early learning and parenting advice.
  • helps children learn odd and even numbers
  • introduces to the concept of addition and subtraction
  • teaches children categorizing, sorting, and comparing

These cards are made for parents and children to use together, creating an interactive learning environment. I found the Parent Cards to be particularly detailed and useful! They provide parents with background information in order for them to understand how their child learns and more. The cards guide the parent through very specific questioning techniques they can use on their children in order to help their learning throughout the use of the Learning Cards Set. They also walk the parents through very specific lessons so that they can be their child’s teacher when using the learning cards. The lessons are detailed right down to specific dialogue that can occur in order to really focus the child’s learning.

As a former Kindergarten teacher, I highly recommend these learning cards as they help young children develop some key early learning skills such as:

  • Math and logic skills
  • Learning and cognitive skills
  • Listening and memory skills
  • Attention and concentration skills
  • Language and social skills

We will definitely be using these cards this summer as I prepare my son to enter Junior Kindergarten! What a fabulous resource for parent and child!

About ChildUp:
The ChildUp Team has been around since 2005 and consists of early childhood development experts and dedicated parents. This group of individuals. ChildUp offers a variety of tools to help parents teach their children early learning skills and more including ChildUp Online Parenting Courses, the ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards, the ChildUp Early Learning Applications, and the ChildUp Early Learning Method.

See these learning cards in action here:

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6 Responses to ChildUp Math Learning Cards {REV!EW} and {G!veaway}

  1. Sweet Panda says:

    I find that the most challenging would be how they understand how to add and subtract things. Somehow they seems to understand at the beginning but then things get all confused and screwed up later. When you try to repeat and get them to understand the concept again, I always get the puzzled look on their face as if I am talking some other language that they don’t understand.

  2. gibberish says:

    Multiplication always was a bit of a challenge for kids to get the concept.
    Rafflecopter name is Julie G.

  3. Olivia L says:

    Right now my biggest challenge is keeping my toddler’s attention while we’re trying to learn numbers. 🙂

  4. Gemma says:

    Making it fun to keep my daughter interested in learning.

  5. A. Smith says:

    I find it tough to explain what I’m talking about without running on and on.
    asmithonline at yahoo dot ca

  6. Chelsea says:

    The most challenging thing is get past the notion that math is hard, useless and boring.

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