Kandoobi~animal edition {APP REVIEW}

There are many APPS out their for young children, but one of the more fun and educational ones that I have seen is Kandoobi ~animal edition.

This preview video shows you exactly what the Kandoobi App looks like:

As a former Kindergarten teacher, I tend to be rather critical of various computer games and apps made for young children. When I approve of an app that is geared towards young children, it is because I truly believe it is a positive and effective teaching tool.

Kandoobi definitely meets my criteria for choosing an educational app for my children to play with. This language and art based app is fun, engaging and educational.

There are four activities within Kandoobi.

The Kandoobi Animal Edition has children learning letters and animal names. I like how the letters are named out loud for the child to listen to and learn. Once the word is spelled, I love how it spells it out loud and visiually from left to right. This helps children to learn that text is read from left to right. By participating in this activity, children will learn their letters, learn how to spell, learn that words are spelled and read from left to right and learn animal names. They will also have an opportunity to practice their hand/eye coordination.

This colouring app is fabulous because it tells the child the name of each colour and colouring tool as they make their selections. Children can engage in free drawing OR they can select a character to colour. I like that there is an option to save their colouring when they are finished. It would be awesome if they had the option to print or email their creation too.

Scratch and Fill
This activity has children filling in the pre-determined colour of an animal by “scratching” their finger across the animal and having the colouring automatically fill in for them. This is a wonderful pre-colouring activity for toddlers who have not yet mastered the idea of colouring in an object. It allows them to feel success simply by touching the screen with their finger and sweeping it around. When you choose a character, I wish it would name the character for you at the beginning, not just when you finish filling it in with colour.

This activity involves dragging and dropping a character to match the outlined shape. This activity could be made more educational by saying the animal’s name and what letter it begins with or even showing the letter at the end. Children love to engage in this activity as it is easy to be successful and it also requires less hand eye coordination than many apps for young children.

We definitely give Kandoobi two thumbs up in our family!

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  1. Shari G says:

    My boys love this app too. B2 keeps saying “Mommy this is my favourite game!”

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