Let’s Get Healthy Together Week 10 (with help from the Heart and Stroke Foundation)

This post is written as part of a journey inspired by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s My Healthy Weight Action Plan, an online tool geared towards helping you live a healthier life. Feel free to get caught up on previous posts: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7, Week 8, Week 9

Here are the stats to show my progress in my “Get Healthy Challenge”:

Start Weight: 190 pounds Starting BMI: 28.9
End of Week 1: 185 pounds End of Week 1 BMI: 28.1
End of Week 4: 179 pounds End of Week 4 BMI: 27.2
End of Week 8: 175 pounds End of Week 8 BMI: 26.6
End of Week 9: 176 pounds End of Week 9 BMI: 26.8

My goal is to reach a normal BMI which would be 24.9 (the top of what is considered a “normal” BMI) at 164 pounds and from there, I plan to reassess.

Exercise Update
As much as I loved the workouts last week, this week has been much busier for me and I found less opportunities for me to exercise. The good news is that despite my lack of motivation, I felt SO good after forcing myself to go for a walk with a friend! I must keep reminding myself how good exercise feels!

Healthy Eating Update
This week, I snacked on humus and lentil chips and raw vegetables. I also tried out turkey bacon. It is surprisingly yummy! The kids really enjoyed the turkey bacon too, now to get hubby on board with us!

I also found myself having a “cheat day” this week, with the support from City Mom! I was having so much trouble keeping the cravings curbed that I just gave into them for a day. At the end of the day, I felt so terrible. I’m hoping that I remember this so that next time I decide to allow myself to have a cheat day, I can not cheat the entire day!

Heart and Stroke “My Healthy Weight Action Plan” Update:

This week, I would really like to share more about the FREE online Heart and Stroke Foundation My Healthy Weight Action Plan Tool. Within your personalized nook of the web on the Tool, you have 5 tabs: Home, Goals, Planning, Tracking and Resource Library.

This week, I ventured into the Resource Library in more depth. I discovered a very informative and slightly shocking video about the importance of waist circumference. I learned that my waist circumference is 6 inches larger than what it should be to be considered in the high end of “normal” or “less risk” category. I highly recommend you viewing this video to learn whether or not you are at higher risk for heart disease.

The Resource Library section of the Healthy Weight Action Plan has four categories:

  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Recipes and Meal Plans
  • Other Resources

By spending just 10 minutes cruising through this section, I found myself feeling re-motivated (something that I was in need of this week) to continue on my Getting Healthy Challenge journey.

This Week’s Challenges:

  • I have felt less motivated to eat healthy (and eat smaller portions) this week. It has been more difficult for me to say “no” to certain temptations. I am starting to really understand my body’s rhythms because here I am again, with PMS and truly feeling it!

This Week’s Smiles:

  • Thanks to the amazing weather on Wednesday, I was able to go for a nice walk with a friend.

Goals for Next Week:

  • Exercise is going to be a permanent goal for me.
  • Eat less.
  • Make a new recipe.

Here are the Blog Hops if you are interested in checking them out:

Some of my friends who are also trying to be healthier and are blogging about it are:

Ok, your turn. Tell me about a healthy meal that you made this week!

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9 Responses to Let’s Get Healthy Together Week 10 (with help from the Heart and Stroke Foundation)

  1. Ms. Key says:

    You’re continuing to make progress, even if each week doesn’t go perfectly, the point is that you are making SOME changes. The more it just becomes routine to be active and eat healthy, the easier it all is, so I think you’re taking a good approach — trying new foods to replace old treats with (turkey bacon vs. regular, for example), and finding ways to move around more each day.

    Good work! Enjoy walking all over the shops this week! 😉 That’s some exercise!

  2. Teri M says:

    Great job on your impressive loss!!

  3. Laural Dawn says:

    You’re doing great.
    And, cheat days are awesome!!! I saw embrace them. No guilt allowed. I also firmly believe your cheat day should be completely spaced away from weigh-in. (LOL I weigh in on Fridays then enjoy Fridays!!!)
    Know what I discovered this week that surprised me? I’ve discovered that certain organic fruits and veggies actually taste way better and I enjoy them more – raw carrots and apples. I was shocked! Like truly shocked at the difference in the carrots.
    (as compared to regular carrots – not compared to like a bag of chips or a handful of chocolate chips. I do have limits here)
    Also, this past Tuesday was the 100th birthday of the oreo cookie. I’ve been celebrating all week.

  4. mamawee says:

    I think you are doing amazing! Even with small setbacks…cheat days are good now and again!


  5. We all have our “off” times. Don’t let it get to you. You just refresh yourself and move forward. You’re doing great! SASS


  6. I’m completely addicted to turkey bacon. I now completely prefer it to regular bacon now!

    It amazes me how good it tastes for how healthy it is!

  7. Oops! Forgot to add that I’m visiting from SASS!

  8. zcb257 says:

    I’m with you on the eating. I’m finding it relatively easy to stay motivated and get to exercise class, but keeping the food healthy has been a challenge. For me, I think most of the problems stem from not planning ahead, I’m working on that this week.

    Adventures in Miscellany – SASS

  9. el03ro says:

    November 19-Let’s get healthy together -week 10. I have reached the two week mark and have lost a total of five pounds for the two weeks. I am exercising more and more aware of the food I bring unto the house. I am having more fish meals and more vegetables and fruit. I watched the video on waist measurement and it is certainly a ‘wake-up’ call. Elva Roberts

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