For #Canadian Women: Upper Canada Soap Presents…..{REVIEW & GIVEAWAY}

Upper Canada Soap Presents…..The Awesome Canadian Woman:

“Since 1969, Upper Canada Soap has celebrated women and Canadian heritage,” Stephen Flatt, Upper Canada Soap President.

The Upper Canada Soap Company is currently featuring their Naturally Signature Golden Maple Sugar Collection. I happen to be a HUGE fan of Maple Sugar – the taste and the smell!

I received a beautiful gift basket filled with products from the Maple Sugar Collection including: GOLDEN MAPLE SUGAR BUBBLE BATH, HAND & BODY LOTION, HAND & BODY WASH, HYDRATING SHOWER GEL, WHIPPED HAND REPAIR BALM, MOISTURIZING BATH SOAP and NOURISHING LIP BALM.

My daughter was spending some quality time with me when our basket of goodies arrived. We immediately opened it up with excitement and tried out both the hand & body lotion and the hand repair balm. We also both agreed that as amazing as the balm is, it is a night time only product because it really did grease up our hands, but were our hands ever silky smooth and smelling yummy 10 minutes later! I love the lotion for every day use, it also smelled so yummy.

We found that the only product that TRULY smells like REAL maple sugar is the lip balm. It slides on beautifully and smells like pure maple sugar, yum!

The other products all smell beautiful and I absolutely love them, but if you are thinking that they smell like pure maple sugar, you might be a bit disappointed. Other than the lip balm, they might have a small hint of maple sugar, but they remind me more of a vanilla scent, another one of my favourites!

The shower gel is very difficult to squeeze out, but it sure it a treat for the body once you get it lathered up on a fluffy loofah. I really liked the hand and body wash because it pumps out so easily, lathers nicely and smells sooooo….yummy!

I really love the fact that the Naturally Signature Collection is 97% natural. All Upper Canada Soap products are free of harmful chemicals, parabens, SLS, mineral oil and phthalates. Because of this, not only can I enjoy these wonderful skin care products, but I also feel good about letting the kids using them too!

Would you like an opportunity to win the Naturally Signature Golden Maple Sugar Soap and Lotion Collection that is featured in the above video? If so, read on….

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34 Responses to For #Canadian Women: Upper Canada Soap Presents…..{REVIEW & GIVEAWAY}

  1. mamawee says:

    I love beavertails during winterlude in Ottawa – family tradition!

  2. Tinatchick says:

    Taking the kids to the maple sugar festival!

  3. Rebby says:

    Hockey night in Canada!

  4. Belinda M says:

    Our favorite tradition is to attend the Festival Du Voyageur in Winnipeg every winter


    belinda mcnabb

  5. Sue Sueper says:

    My Favorite is Stompin Tom, remember those songs from the 8track in the car when I was a kid.

  6. saskmom says:

    May long weekend for sure! Time for camping season!

  7. The Terry Fox Run. We do it every year
    karryknisley76 at hotmail dot com

  8. Anonymous says:

    I find there are so many things we just do that I don’t even realize are inherently Canadian until someone points them out. Stopping by Timmies after a game, maple syrup on pancakes, Canadian bacon, sledding, smoked salmon anything and the list goes on. I just love being Canadian.

  9. Lisa KH says:

    My favourite Canadian tradition is Hockey Night in Canada!

    weezi_k (at) hotmail (dot) com

  10. Andrea Amy says:

    That is an easy one for me. Hockey night in Canada. Of course, during hockey season,EVERY night is hockey night in canada!!

  11. Cheryl E. says:

    My favourite Canadian tradition is Hockey Night in Canada!!

  12. Erin says:

    My favorite Canadian tradition is Thanksgiving in October, when the leaves has changed, and its still warm.

  13. ginette4 says:

    Favourite tradition is attending your winter Canival in our town

  14. ksceviour says:

    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  15. loriag says:

    I like that we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in October.

    I also like that Canada is such a melting pot for cultures to share and grow together.

  16. tumyii says:

    i am a very proud canadian! so many great things to love about canada and wonderful family traditions: terry fox, ottawa’s winterlude, sugar shacks, lake superior in the summer, hockey night in canada are a few favourites!
    tumyiix at gmail dot com

  17. Annie1 says:

    I’ve got to say Hockey Night In Canada! I grew up watching it and my kids did too…now my grandkids are growing up with it!

    Anne Taylor

  18. Natalie Chizen says:

    I love visiting the maple sugar bush just down the road for pancakes and fresh maple syrup in the early spring!

  19. roswell says:

    i love canada day, we have parades and fireworks and it is just a great days to celebrate being canadian

  20. marlibu says:

    Love when the olympic torch came thru our city

  21. Perfect day to say #hockeyday is a great Canadian tradition!

  22. Anonymous says:

    visiting the praries every summer as a kid

  23. 409cope says:

    I personally love the CFL and the Grey Cup in particular.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  24. My favorite Canadian tradition is eating maple syrup

    brendapenton @

  25. flowerchild says:

    My favorite canadian tradition is hockey night in canada

  26. Inez says:

    I love the Winter Carnivals.

  27. Playing in the snow with my kids. Winters in Canada are fun.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  28. C Wilson says:

    My fave canadian tradition is how polite we all are and how we are know for it in the world. When we travelled thru Europe as kids my mom always made us wear our Canadian flag pins b/c Canadians are so respected and liked….that makes me proud :o)

  29. Lisa Smith says:

    I love the sugar shack at out local Festival Du Voyager!

  30. Glogirl says:

    I like all the Maple Syrup Festivals-they are a yearly tradition in Canada.

  31. ginette4 says:

    Going to the sugar shack with the family

  32. notaquiter says:

    I would have to say Maple syrup on our pancakes would be a true canadaian breakfast

  33. The Zoo says:

    Laura Secord.
    swak50 at hotmail dot com

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