Foodie Friday: Saving Money on Groceries

Last week, I read a post about cutting down on grocery spending each month on My Little Review Corner.

Grocery bills are something that I struggle with. Groceries are a necessity, but not everything that I come with is. I can’t help but wondering what percentage of our food goes to waste?

Now that my son is potty trained during the day, at least I am not buying box after box of diapers each month, because that can certainly add up.

But, where else can I cut my spending?

I’ve tried my best to only buy things that we will use. I’ve also tried to limit what I buy just because it is on sale.

My next steps are to start Menu Planning again and to find Canadian Coupons to use. I know many people who find great Online Coupons, so I think I will try subscribe to sites like CouponCodes in order to find more coupons for items that I actually NEED to buy each week.

Menu Planning
I used to Menu Plan. Each week on Sunday evening, I would sit down and write up a plan, but I would often find that the plan would change due to unforeseen circumstances, my mood etc. However, when I grocery shopped only for specific items on my menu plan, I found that I had to make less grocery trips which in turn cut down on unnecessary spending. I am going to try to Menu Plan again and see if this helps us with our grocery bills.

I have a wonderful book that keeps all of my coupons organized, however, I keep forgetting to bring it to the store with me. I moved it to my car and now, I will get half way through my grocery trip and realize that I left it in the car. I tend to remember which coupons are in my book, but I don’t remember to bring the silly thing into the store. I am going to move it again in hopes that this time, I will start to pick it up with my reusable bags and my purse. The other option would be to keep the book with my grocery list and get in the habit of attaching the coupons that I want to use to my grocery list. I definitely won’t forget the coupons if I do this!

Do you use coupons? How do you remember to bring them with you?

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10 Responses to Foodie Friday: Saving Money on Groceries

  1. Kathleen says:

    I have tried clipping coupons and I either don’t remember to bring them with or I bring them and never remember to use them and then they expire. I haven’t had much luck with them 🙁

    I know they work for a lot of people though!

    I save money by menu planning.

  2. I need to start using coupons again! Great way to save money.

  3. i use them when i can..

  4. I use coupons when I remember, I tend to stock up when things are on sale though. That saves me in the long run. Especially when the organic and natural are on sale, I stock up. My hubby finally see the benefits of eating clean. I told him if we can spend $$ on eating bad food once in a while, we can spend an extra dollar or 50 cents on organic pasta sauce. He no longer thinks I’m nutso.

  5. Kevin L says:

    I use coupons only when I see one the day of my grocery shopping. I eventually stopped looking as anything I need or wanted was rarely on sale. I don’t want to shop with coupons just to buy those items unless really needed.


  6. Ms. Key says:

    I totally need to start using coupons. I’ve never in my life been good at using them… I always get all panicky that they’ll be denied… though why would I care? What is the worst that would happen? They’ll just say, “you can’t use this coupon for this”… and life will go on. I don’t know why that’s one of my weird “things”, but I get anxious over bringing a coupon and finding out it isn’t valid, LMAO!!!

    I just need to try it, it’s just a new frontier that I need to dive into and then I won’t be nervous about it anymore.

  7. Katrina Brady says:

    I have a coupon pouch I keep in my purse. I throw all my coupons in there. Gift cards that I get from aeroplan I add to my wallet. That way I always have them.

  8. Nicole says:

    I really need to start using coupons. I always clip them if good intentions of using them, but I just haven’t developed a system.

  9. I never use coupons, I always forget them. Recently we have been planning our meals and shopping at Walmart as we have a new super center that opened not far from us. We buy the Walmart great Value brand and I noticed that we have cut out bill by almost 300$ I can’t believe the savings, so we will stick with shopping there from now on.

  10. Guppy says:

    I make a weekly grocery list and shop once – bringing my coupon ‘wallet’ and reuseable bags with me. I try to match sales with coupons for greater savings.

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