Craft Caravan Kids Craft Club {REVIEW}

Craft Caravan is a fun and creative subscription service for young children. It would make an excellent birthday gift for that child that has every toy they could ever want! What child doesn’t LOVE to receive mail that is addressed to them?! And, when the mail has fun crafts to make inside, it doesn’t get much better than that!

We reviewed the January Kids Craft Club and boy was it ever fun! It all started off with opening up the mail box to see a huge bright envelope!

Inside the envelope was a paper with a supply list, ideas for what to make with the supplies and some fun facts about taking pictures (the craft for the month was Picture Frames). Everything except the glue (and of course the photgraphs for the picture frames) was included in the craft envelope. There were:

  • 2 large blank picture frames
  • one small picture frame with a punch out shape
  • patterned paper for ripping
  • mosaic cut outs
  • letter punch outs
  • small decorative paper pieces

My favourite part about this kid was by the the mosaic cut outs. It is a small square of paper that is pre-cut into mosaic shapes. How much fun is that?!

We also received a Valentine’s Day Card Making Kit. Everything was included in the kit for a young child to make their own Valentine’s Day cards independently. What a fun kit this is, encouraging creativity and independence!

A subscription to Craft Caravan would make a fun and unique gift for any young child. The best part is that it is a gift that keeps on giving!

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  1. The kids are the entities which are linked to the art and craft very much. Their interest must be over-looked.

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