Remembrance Day at Sunnybrook Veterans Centre

By Jennifer Schnare, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Today, we recognize the contributions of Canadian war veterans. Thanks to all those who donated a flag and sent a message of gratitude to veterans like Peter at Operation Raise a Flag. On November 11, Canada Remembers.

“I was a volunteer. I did what I had to do, and as old as I am, I’d do it again,” said Veteran Peter Bate, a WWII Marine commando, before our Remembrance Day ceremony. Peter’s thoughts on Operation Raise a Flag? “I think it’s beautiful,” he said, looking out over the thousands of flags raised this morning. “It’s inspiring.”

“Things are different now than they were then. But all of our hearts have not changed. Thank you for serving Canada and freedom.”

That’s just one of thousands of messages sent to our veterans at Operation Raise a Flag to honour their courage and sacrifice today.

Would you like to send a message and donate to our veteran centre this Remembrance Day? Go to Operation Raise a Flag!

For more information, contact Jennifer or 416-480-4937.

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