Holiday Cookie Recipe Blog Hop #CanadianCookies

Welcome to the first in a series of posts to start off #CanadianCookies!!

We’d like everyone to join us in a Blog/Recipe Hop!

Dig out Gramma’s recipe book, search the web for your favourites, what is YOUR Holiday treat speciality??? I’ll be introducing you to some of my favourite recipes and would love to read about some of yours!

Write a post and link up below so we can share our best recipes and wow our families this year!! Use the hashtag #CanadianCookies when promoting your post on Twitter so we can find you there as well.

Remember to check out your hosts daily (Did you know Canada and Multi-testing Mommy) we’ll be sharing tips, tricks, recipes and more for the next 2 weeks! Be sure to join us for our upcoming twitter party as well!!

Link up here and be sure to check back for new treats daily:

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