Crayola Rocks My World! (REVIEW)

I love Crayola products! I always have, ever since I was a little kid. Opening up fresh, new crayons got me almost as excited as Christmas morning – I know, I’m a freak!

When I was a Kindergarten Teacher, I had the opportunity to order either Crayola products or another brand that I won’t mention. One year, I decided to attempt to save money in my (small) budget by ordering the other brand. I learned my lesson! Never again would I make that mistake. Crayola products are quality products and they stand up to the test, they always have for me!

I am a member of the Crayola Moms Advisory Panel and with that, I receive various Crayola products for review.

Recently, I received a box full of Crayola fun:

Washable Triangular Crayons

Crayola® Color Wonder™ Peel & Stick Roll w/ Markers

Crayola® Giant Coloring Pages Preschool – Dinosaur Train

Crayola® Model Magic® Jewelry Studio

When I opened up the box to check out the contents, the first thing that popped into my mind was that these would ALL make AMAZING birthday gifts! I was reminded, once again, how much fun Crayola Products can be!

My son adores his new Triangular Crayons! He loved receiving new crayons, which motivated him to colour more – yay! I love these crayons because I’m not chasing crayons all over the place when they drop and roll off of the kitchen table because my 3 year old doesn’t find a safe place to put them while he works.

We are also enjoying the Giant Colouring Pages! I love how they rip out of the book so easily and that when coloured, they are poster like. They are just a wee bit different than traditional colouring books which provides my son with something new and exciting to colour. The quality of the paper is incredible too so when my son uses markers, they tend not to bleed through the paper.

Both of my children have enjoyed using the Color Wonder™ Peel & Stick Roll! It sticks to our hardwood floor beautifully, there is no mess to clean up afterwards and the children love how I can immediately put their creation up on the wall!

My 6 year old daughter adores crafts of all sorts. The Crayola® Model Magic® Jewelry Studio is a perfect gift for her! It will keep her busy for hours on end. We love Model Magic as it is mess free and non-toxic! The Jewelry Studio makes up 160 different beads for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, charms, pendants and more! The bead spinner mashes together small amounts of Model Magic into unique marbled beads! My daughter will be super busy this upcoming Holiday Season making one of a kind handmade gifts for our family and friends.

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4 Responses to Crayola Rocks My World! (REVIEW)

  1. Hands down, crayola is the best brand out there. I have yet to see a brand that had better quality products. Great post!

  2. bigdisneyfan says:

    I didn’t know Crayola made non paint / crayon crafts. That “Crayola Model Magic Jewelry Studio” looks so cool! My 4 year old daughter would just love that! I think I will pick at set up for her for Christmas. 🙂

  3. Annie1 says:

    Back in the day, when my kids were small, there were crayons and felt pens and that’s it! lol

    My grandkids have so many more products available to them!


  4. Crayola continues to make high-quality arts and crafts’ gear and projects. I am consistently pleased with their products!

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