Pur Minerals (REVIEW and GIVEAWAY)

The Pur Minerals Start Now Essentials Collection is honestly the best makeup I have ever used – NO JOKE!

Pur Minerals Makeup

The Starter Kit includes: (information taken directly from the Pür Minerals website.
4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup): The cornerstone of Pür Minerals, this one-minute mineral makeup miracle is your mineral foundation, powder, concealer and SPF protection all in one neat makeup compact. Completely free of oil, alcohol, fragrances, preservatives and chemical dyes, this mineral foundation is actually good for your skin!
Mineral Glow: A touch of sun in a makeup compact, this mineral powder will impart a natural, sun-kissed glow to your skin.
Universal Marble Powder: Give your skin back that rosy glow you were born with. Porcelain through Tan Start Now kits come with Marble Powder in Pink. Medium Dark through Deepest include Marble Powder in Spice. This multi-purpose mineral makeup can be worn on your eyes, lips and cheeks.
The Chisel Makeup Brush: The magic behind the mineral makeup look! The only makeup brush to use for application of your 4-in-1 Mineral Makeup, it provides maximum coverage and an amazingly smooth finish.

I’m not a huge makeup person – but I do like to cover my skin blemishes. Pür Minerals allows me to put “my face on” in less than 1 minute and I love how natural it looks! It’s fast, it’s easy and it looks good – what more could a woman want? Seriously, it even covers up my dark under eye circles in 2 seconds.

Foundation, bronzer and blush all applied with the same brush. So simple, very effective, I don’t know if I’ll ever use another type of makeup again.

Would you like the chance to win a Starter Kit for yourself to try?

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41 Responses to Pur Minerals (REVIEW and GIVEAWAY)

  1. Sweet Panda says:

    If I won, I would want the Light one

    sweetpanda2010 at gmail dot com

  2. flowerchild says:

    If i were to win i would choose the blush medium

  3. Lynda says:

    If I won I think I would have to choose the light shade.

    alveltkamp at gmail dot com

  4. Glogirl says:

    I would choose the Porcelain set.

  5. Mommy Minded says:

    I would have to pick light!

  6. Paula L. says:

    I would need light 🙂
    jandplee at att.net

  7. C Wilson says:

    I would like the Tan starter kit if I won…thanks So much!

    cacch 71 at gmail dot com

  8. ksceviour says:

    I would want the Light!
    ksceviour at hotmail dot com

  9. vicki says:

    This would be amazing. I’m always in need of makeup.

  10. Olivia L says:

    I’m not sure if I’d be a light or blush medium.

  11. Lisa Smith says:

    I would choose the Blush Medium

  12. Shannon Thompson says:

    the Porcelain set i would choose if i won..


  13. Anonymous says:

    Porcelain for me!

  14. Belinda M says:

    I would choose the light starter kit


  15. Heidi says:

    I’m not sure if I would go with Porcelain or light, probably porcelain.

  16. Tinatchick says:

    I’d choose blush medium

  17. RBM says:

    I’d choose the blush medium.
    ro20del at yahoo.com

  18. Amy C says:

    If I won I would like the Light starter kit from Pur Minerals

  19. marlibu says:

    I would choose tan or medium dark

  20. Bee W Bedard says:

    I would like the light one

  21. Nancy T says:

    It would have to Blush Medium for me.

  22. Erin says:

    I would get the light one

  23. Ginger says:

    I would pick blush medium 🙂

  24. Tricia says:

    I think the porcelain set.

    tricia dot flindall at gmail dot com

  25. Tasha W says:

    I would choose light:)

    canadianangelxo at live DOT ca

  26. Lisa_june says:

    I would get the porcelain starter kit!
    Lisa_june @hotmail dot com

  27. Rebby says:

    I love the light colour!
    rebthecatsitter at gmail.com

  28. Colleenie says:

    the light one:)

  29. Julie says:

    I would definately need Light. happygirl074@hotmail.com

  30. I would choose the porcelain colour.

  31. 409cope says:

    I would choose the porcelain set.cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  32. Jennifer L. says:

    I would choose the light color set.
    Jennifer L.
    jentam777 at gmail dot com

  33. Kendra says:

    I would probably go with Light or Blush Medium!

  34. If I won, I would choose the porcelain set 🙂
    Thank you!

    FB Name: Frances Kalender Jr.
    E-mail: myfreestuff2109@aol.com

    Good luck to all!!
    Frances Kalender

  35. I would like the Blush Medium, if I won.

  36. darkkrystyl says:

    i would like porcelain if i won please 🙂 – krystyl olson

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