Preparing for Being in a Wedding: Kara Vita SunDressed® Self Tanner (REVIEW)

I am going to be a Maid of Honour in my sister’s wedding this Thanksgiving weekend and our dresses are short! I started to panic about my white legs. I’m not a fan of tanning beds and I definitely won’t have any colour left from the summer, so I turned to Kara Vita’s SunDressed® Self Tanner for help!

Self Tanner

Kara Vita’s SunDressed® Self Tanner

I was extremely nervous to try it out because I knew a friend in high school who literally turned orange from using a self tanner, but I had to give this product a try as it had been recommended to me by a friend.

Here is what it looked like on my test spot after one application and 24 hours:

Not bad! So, I used it on my legs and after I learned the trick of avoiding the rough/dry patches on my knees, I was extremely happy with the results! I applied it every day for five days and my legs looked like they had a natural tan.

I will definitely be using this product on my legs before my sister’s wedding. I will have more confidence thanks to Kara Vita’s SunDressed® Self Tanner!

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