KaZAM Balance Bike from thepumpkinpatch.ca (REVIEW)

Learn to ride a bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS!

When I was contacted by The Pumpkin Patch to review a KaZAM Balance Bike, I cannot put into words how excited I was!

Just the week before, we had taken my son (who was just over 2 1/2) to a store to check out these balance bikes to see what the hype was all about!

Right from the start, I liked the unique design of the KaZAM balance bike due to the uniquely designed foot rest! This allows the child to lift their feet up and place them in a natural position to maintain proper balance and a good center of gravity which are both so important when learning how to ride a bike.

This past spring, my then 6 year old daughter was bound and determined to learn how to ride a 2-wheel big girl bike. We took off the training wheels for her and boy, was she ever excited! However, when the time actually came to try it out, she was so nervous. She lacked the confidence that one needs in order to learn the skill of riding a 2 wheeled bike.

The bike sat in the garage for a good few weeks, maybe even a month until one day when my husband came home telling me all about these “balance bikes”. The concept was new to me, but it occured to me that I could start her at the top of driveway and treat her bike as a balance bike while she rolled down our mini hill on our driveaway.

Up and down and up and down she went – for what seemed like hundreds of times, just balancing on her two wheels until one day she decided she was ready. It finally happened one day. She learned how to ride a big girl bike in a matter of minutes one day and she has never looked back.

My son, who is 2 years, 11 months now, idiolizes his big sister and wants to do everything that she does. Now that she is riding a big kid bike with no training wheels, he wants to do the same, but of course he is too young to do this with a regular sized bike.

This is what makes the Balance Bike from KaZAM so perfect for him! They are designed and built with 3-6 year olds in mind. It is nice and small so it is not too overwhelming.

Skip the Training Wheels All Together!

With a balance bike, there is no need for training wheels…EVER! A child can go straight from a tricycle or riding toy to a balance bike to a “real” bike. I love this because removing training wheels can be VERY overwhelming for many children.

Kazam Balance Bike

Learn to Bike with No Training Wheels

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3 Responses to KaZAM Balance Bike from thepumpkinpatch.ca (REVIEW)

  1. I love these bikes, but find them quite expensive over here (compared with Europe) So… we made our own! 🙂 our 3,5 year old son loves his home made balance bike!! 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    we got a Glide Bike from http://www.balancebikes.com and my son 2 loves it. He is already gliding with feet up on the pegs and using the brake. He will be riding a 2 wheeler in no time but I not sure I am ready.

  3. my boys love the balance bike! my 5 year old still chooses it over his other ones!

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