Maybe We Should Have Hired a Plumber!

Well over six months ago (it might have even been a year ago, I’m in denial now), something happened to my sink in our master bathroom and it still hasn’t been fixed!

We should have hired a plumber!

Here’s the story…..

I was doing a weekly clean in my bathroom. I was wiping down the sink when all of a sudden, the drain slammed shut. I hardly even touched the thing so I was confused as to why it happened. When I went to pull on the lever thingy (you can tell I need a plumber – I don’t even know the terminology!) to get it back up again, it wouldn’t come up! The drain was permanently STUCK in closed mode! I’m talking S.T.U.C.K!

I tried to pry it open by getting my finger nails underneath it (eww….YUCK!).

It didn’t work.

I tried to pry it open with a screwdriver.

It didn’t work.

Then, I got a โ˜…brightโ˜… idea!

I grabbed my hubby’s magnetic tool grabber thingy (see, I really am not a handy type person) and voila. It worked…..sort of!

Well, the drain came up alright – right up into my hands, the WHOLE DARN THING – grunge and all! Double ewww!

The hole that held one of the posts in place to lift it up and down had somehow snapped.

So now, we have no drain. We have a wide open drain hole.

Imagine the possibilities of what could fit down a wide open drain hole. Little children have large imaginations for little spaces ๐Ÿ˜‰

I went to Home Depot, explained the problem and bought a new part.

The new part sat on the counter for a few weeks.

It didn’t get fixed and it was bugging me so I moved it underneath the counter where it has sat and sat and sat.

You see, the last time I dissembled the drain to clean it all out, I had such a hard time getting it back together, I swore up and down I’d never take it apart again. AND, my hubby has this thing “out of sight, out of mind” so he doesn’t see a problem with the sink at all.

Yes, I’m afraid, we should have just hired a plumber!

Maybe one day it will get fixed – probably when some little person has decided to lose something down the drain and we have an even bigger problem on our hands ๐Ÿ˜‰

I will say that every time I look at the sink it bugs me, I should just get brave and give it a try…what do you think? It can’t be that difficult can it?! Give me some encouragement please!

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3 Responses to Maybe We Should Have Hired a Plumber!

  1. mapsgirl says:

    It’s too bad that I’m not closer. I’d fix that for you!

    I installed our bathroom sink, faucet and new pipes. The old configuration didn’t work so I cut the existing pipes at the wall and rebuild the whole thing.

  2. MarianU says:

    How about putting in a plastic thingy that prevents hair clogs? It would stop other kiddo things from falling down there too. I can show you ours…

  3. Emily says:

    lol, that is something that would happen at our house. Only I would probably complain until my husband fixed it, ha- but who knows if that would even do the trick!

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