Point to Happy: A Book for Kids on the Autism Spectrum by Miriam Smith and Afton Fraser

Congratulations to Commenter #3, Deanne!

I want to start off this review by saying that the full title of this book is Point to Happy: A Book for Kids on the Autism Spectrum, however, in my opinion this book is an incredibly brilliant book for all young children!

There is a removable sticker that says, a book for kids on the autism spectrum on the front of the book can be peeled off. With the sticker removed, the book is called “Point to Happy”. A huge debate about this could occur and this post is by no means meant to generate a debate about this, but I did feel it was important to mention that there is a removable sticker with part of the book’s official title on it.

I am a huge fan of this book. It comes with a “magic wand” hand pointer so that children can have a tactile tool to point to the pictures as they are reading through the book which is a fabulous reading tool. Within a couple of days of having the book in our house with my 2 and 6 year old, the pointer was “removed” from the ribbon. Is this a flaw in the design of it? I’m not sure. My kids aren’t that rough on their toys.

The pages in this oversized board book are not traditional paper but they are also not thick boardbook material. They are durable enough that they certainly don’t get ripped like a traditional storybook which is nice.

I really like the fact that the pictures of children in this book are life size and the words are nice and large. The text is colour coded in a pattern which makes it easier for pointing to the text as you read along.

The text in the book also has some repetition in it which is good for learning language.

The theme throughout the book is to point to the pictures with the included pointer. This is a great routine to get into because being aware of photos in a book is important in developing early literacy skills and it is also a great way to teach vocabulary for every day routines such as eating, caring for oneself, etc.

I also like the fact that there is an opportunity to personalize the book with four places to put pictures of people that your child knows and four lines where you can write their names.

Both of my children have read this book many times (aged 2 and 6) and have both enjoyed it for different reasons. I also know that this would have been a well loved book in my Kindergarten classroom amongst all of my students, but especially with my students who were on the autism spectrum because we would have used it to help teach them about their daily routines.

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7 Responses to Point to Happy: A Book for Kids on the Autism Spectrum by Miriam Smith and Afton Fraser

  1. Deanne says:

    Hoping I have finally done the right thing in order to enter your contest! 🙂

  2. My twins started SK in the fall. My son is autistic and my daughter is neurotypical. When she came home with a pointer (a popsicle stick with an eye on it) I was pretty sure it would be useful to help my son when reading to him. Since I’ve been more focussed on helping him with his speech, reading has not been anywhere near the top of the priority list. But your review reminds me that reading is a great way to work with him on his speech and words that he can recognize. Thanks for the review. It’s jogged my memory a bit and made me aware of a book I should have.

  3. Deanne says:

    As you can tell, I’m really not terribly good at meeting the requirements for these giveaways! I’ve liked your page on FB (Deanne Shoyer), I’m following you on Twitter (OMum22). I’ve tweeted about the contest a few times and I’ve commented here. I *think* I’ve done what I need to do to qualify…!

  4. Came across your page browsing around. My son has autism and always interested in all things autism, so thought I’d pop an entry in. Thanks much.

    Email: admin@bubblesmakehimsmile.com

  5. Maybe a mistype? But I was commenter #4, not Deanne?

  6. Oops, Bubbles Make Him Smile! I’m not sure why I put #4 b/c indeed the winner was Deanne!

    I have a copy of the Random.Org if you’d like to see it, I will correct that # right away. I’m so sorry about that typo 🙁 Sorry about that! I wish I had a copy for all of you to give……hmmm….maybe I’ll ask the publisher…..

  7. It’s ok, I trust you. 🙂 I just was confused as the winner is usually a number not a name so I was like, Hey, I’m #4 lol. Thanks anyways! 🙂

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