REVIEW: Tooth Fairy Kit by ” Baby Tooth Album”

I received a Tooth Fairy Kit for review the day after my daughter lost her first tooth. Talk about perfect timing!

I was so excited when the kit arrived. It is so perfect!

The kit contains:

  • Hand Crafted Baby Tooth Keepsake Box: to save and organize baby teeth
  • Baby Tooth Pouch: to keep baby teeth and coins safe under the pillow
  • Tooth Fairy Door Hanger: to remind the tooth fairy to stop by!
  • Tooth Fairy Stationery: for an unforgettable letter to or from the tooth fairy
  • Baby Tooth Chart: to keep track of your child’s developing smile and write special notes and dates

My daughter was super excited about losing her tooth, but this kit just helped to add to the excitement and made the whole experience that much more magical! She LOVED the Baby Tooth Pouch. It allowed her to carry around her little tooth safely around the house for a couple of days while she contemplated whether or not she would send it off to the Tooth Fairy at all.

My favourite part of the kit is definitely the Baby Tooth Keepsake Box! It has little slots for all of your child’s teeth so that you can keep them organized and you can write down when they were lost. This way you can keep them all neatly in one special place.

I really think this makes a very unique and special gift. The only criticism that I do have of it is that you can’t actually give it as a gift to a child as it does have the Baby Tooth Keepsake Box in it for the parents which would spoil the whole Tooth Fairy thing.

There are boy and girl kits available and if you visit the Baby Tooth Album Website, you will see a few more sweet items!

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  1. mapsgirl says:

    This is awesome!! I need this!

    You get to review some of the neatest products!

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