REVIEW: EcoTraction

We stopped using salt as an ice melter a long time ago as it ruined our pants and when we moved into our current house, the front hall opens up right into our family room, being too close to our dark carpet–too close for stains! Yikes!

Next, we started to use ice melter. We buy it in a huge bucket at Costco and for the most part, we like it. It works well, but in the back of my mind, I can’t stop thinking about how it just can’t be good for the environment, our grass or our children (when they decide to eat the snow)! AND, our pressed concrete is starting to chip away and I also can’t help wonder if it is due to the chemicals in our ice melter!

So, I found Eco Traction:
A High Traction Volcanic Material.

Here is what I really like about Eco Traction:

  • Safe to touch or accidentally ingest by children, pets and wildlife
  • Will not burn or damage grass or plants
  • Will not corrode or damage brick, stone or uncured concrete
  • Will not rust vehicles or metal landscaping elements
  • Will not stain clothing or carpets
  • Does not contain any carcinogenic silica dust like sand
  • Contains no salt, chlorides, chemicals, or dyes

Here are some facts about EcoTraction:

  • Proven to provide better traction than sand, using much less
  • Instant traction during dangerous ice storms and freezing rain
  • Embeds itself into ice and snow for long-lasting traction
  • No working temperature limitations like salt and ice smelters
  • Just one cup of EcoTraction can cover one whole parking space (144 square feet)

And, not only does EcoTraction help during the winter, but what I love about it is it actually has benefits to our environment too throughout the year! So, because it doesn’t melt away like salt or ice melters, you will eventually either shovel it over to your lawn throughout the winter or in the spring you will sweep the remaining residual over to your lawn (or into a pile and sprinkle it on your lawn) and it will give year long benefits to your lawn and our environment!


  • Aerates soil through its porous ‘honeycomb’ structure
  • Releases nutrients and minerals back to plants slowly
  • Retains water in the soil medium longer reducing watering requirements
  • Reduces lawn damage from dog urine as it neutralizes the ammonia before it burns the grass
  • Absorbs and removes heavy metals from lakes, rivers and sewage
  • Filters the air from noxious fumes and absorbs nuisance odors
  • Absorbs the residual white sodium staining caused by salt and ice smelters

I really liked the small opening and the screw top bag that it came in. It made for very easy and user friendly application. I also like the fact that if I do get it on my hands it isn’t the end of the world!

We are keeping small bags of EcoTraction in the car in case of getting stuck this winter! See the video above, it says it all!

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7 Responses to REVIEW: EcoTraction

  1. Kevin L says:

    OHHHHH I believe you just sold me on this product. My big problem is my plants and yes my pants bringing salt inside the house on our shoes and the big mess on our hardwood floors.

    Thanks for sharing this sounds like a fantastic product.

    I truly hate having to pour salt on everything knowing in the back of my mind its doing harm.

    Kevin 🙂
    GREAT review.

  2. ~Shannon~ says:

    Having just moved back to the land of ice and snow I was thinking about what to use on the walkway. Your post is timely for me 🙂 Will def try it out. Thanks!

  3. Monica says:

    In our home, we’re all about the environment and won’t use salt for this reason. What we have been using is plain sand and although it helps a bit with traction it is very messy!! Our daughter drives to Moncton (1 1/4 hrs)every weekend, often in snowy conditions and this would also be perfect for her.

  4. Oh my gosh! We NEED this! LOL! We live in the rural North, so this would be great! We get lots of snow. LOL!

  5. Kelly says:

    I don’t have a piece of property to salt but I am so glad to hear of a product like this! It’s so important!

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