REVIEW: Gillette Venus Spa Breeze 2 in 1 Razor Plus Shave Gel Bars

This razor comes with:

  • Built-in Shave Gel Bars with white tea scent
  • 3-blade cartridge for a close shave
  • Interchangeable Blade Refill Cartridges
  • Shaving Compact for in-shower refill storage
  • Soft grip handle for no-slip control

I agree that the handle made for easy holding while shaving and I really liked the scent of the shave gel bars!

This razor makes an excellent option for travelling! No need for shaving cream, very convenient.

Shaving was a breeze (no pun intended, of course) with this razor, although I do have to say that I did nick myself a few times and I usually tend not to with the razor/cream combo that I normally use. I wonder if this is because of the lack of cream?

I like the case that it comes in as well. It is nice that you can store your extra blades all in one place so that when your blade needs replacing, you simply open up the back of the case and voila, there’s a new one! It comes with a sticker hook that you can use to put up in your shower if you choose as well.

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