The Quaker Journey to Wellness

Mom Central has invited me to be a part of the Quaker Journey to Wellness and they asked me the following question: What changes would I like to see my family make in order to live a healthier lifestyle?

First and foremost what comes to mind is the fact that my husband and I are role models for our children. I am painfully aware of this fact! So, the first change that I would love to see is that my husband and I make better choices for ourselves when it comes to the lives that we lead (in food and general wellness). I believe that down the road if my husband and I continue to try making better choices for ourselves that our children will be aware of this and as they grow, hopefully these choices will influence the choices that they make for themselves.

As far as the entire family unit goes, the biggest change that I would like to see is our dinner plates! What I mean is how we divide our food–the portions. I would like to see more vegetables and less meat and carbs.

It’s difficult right now with a picky toddler who, on the best of days, will sometimes turn down just about everything we put in front of him! As he grows, I know that this will change (fingers crossed) and we will be able to make whole family meal choices.

In our family, we have some very picky palates. This is an understatement. I really want our children to grow up being able to eat dinner at other people’s houses without having to stop on the way home for food because they are hungry. In order for this to happen, I know that I have to keep serving them a variety of food, but so much food ends up going to waste and this is difficult for me to watch.

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I am participating in the Quaker Journey to Wellness Program by Mom Central on behalf of Pepsi Co. I received a gift card as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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