BOOK REVIEWs: Books for Baby by Candlewick Press

I received a few books to review that were new to hit the shelves this fall. Each book is sweet in it’s own way. I adore children’s books! I would sit and read books to kids all day if I could…and sometimes I do!

Miles to Go By Jamie Harper
Oct. 2010 ~ Hardcover ~ ISBN 9780763635985 ~ Ages 3-6

This book reminds me of my son’s adventures in his toy car! Miles, the character in this book takes us on an adventure as he hops into his toy car, just his size and drives all over town at a whirlwind pace. The colours and illustrations in this book are vibrant and exciting and really make you feel like you are riding right along with Miles in his journey! The text is just the perfect length, with only a short sentence on each page, to capture a preschooler’s attention span who is interested in pretending to drive cars themselves! What a really fun book.

Potty By Leslie Patricelli
Sept. 2010 ~ Board book ~ ISBN 9780763644765 ~ Ages 1-3
This book is a well constructed, durable board book, perfect for toddlers who are becoming interested in “potty training” (although I hate to use that phrase). It has very simple, easily understood text and a little, adorably illustrated toddler who is considering using the potty for the first time. I love the expressions on the little toddler as he/she considers using the potty! This is a fun book to take the seriousness out of this potentially “stressful” experience for both parents and child. We are about to go through this in our house yet again and I will definitely be putting this book to excellent use! Patricelli writes adorable books for young children!

Tubby By Leslie Patricelli
Sept. 2010 ~ Board book ~ ISBN 9780763645670 ~ Ages 1-3
Yet again, another beautifully constructed board book for young children who either adore bath or despise it! This book is a fun story about bath time. It has simple, yet fun illustrations about a young child experiencing bathtime routine from start to finish. This book would make a great baby gift for a baby shower or even a 1st birthday present (or given the time of a year, a wonderful Christmas gift too!) for a young child. I just love Leslie Patricelli’s works. They are simple, yet perfect and fun for babies, toddlers and even young preschoolers.

There’s Going to Be a Baby By John Burningham
Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury
Sept. 2010 ~ Hardcover ~ ISBN 9780763649074 ~ Ages 2 and up
When my daughter was going to be a new sibling, I searched the earth high and low for a good book to read with her about becoming a big sister. I never really found one that I was truly happy with. I wish this book had existed because it is so sweet and perfect. It is written in a question/answer style (the text is even colour coded accordingly) but in a fiction form. It is a story of a little boy who is unsure about becoming a big brother, but when the time comes, he ends up reassuring his Grandpa that everything is going to be just fine. I love the soft, reassuring illustrations in this book and the gentle tone throughout. I feel like this is the perfect book to give as a gift to a child who is about to become a big brother/sister!

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