REVIEW: Always Flexi-Style

Well, I have to admit that after giving birth to Little Man just over a year ago, I STILL haven’t got my period. Trust me, I am NOT complaining. However, I’m starting to wonder what exactly is going on with my body.

Last week, I could have sworn that I was getting it, I even had full blown cramps, but still nothing!

Anyhow, I received a box of Always Flexi-Style pads to try out. I tried them out and though I can’t tell you how they work as far as flow goes, I did love how they worked for me.

Always Flexi-Style™ is the newest option from Always. It provides the thinnest, most flexible protection and is designed with comfort and adaptability in mind. Flexible edges fold under to fit multiple panty styles, making Always Flexi-Style a great option for light-day and everyday use.

The pads had an excellent adhesive and they truly are versatile. The fact that you can wrap as much as little as you need around the underside of your panties is great. It makes them stay in place no matter what type of underwear you are wearing and they don’t slide around out of place.

I will definitely be using these when the time comes again, IF it comes again for me to have a need for feminine products.

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  1. Debbie White-Beattie says:

    I don’t usually use pads to much but when I do it’s always Always because they’re the best

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