REVEW: Rock ‘N Learn DVDs

Rock n Learn has a huge line of educational videos for children ranging from intro to Kindergarten to multiplication and science.

We received a bunch of videos from Rock n Learn a while ago and recently we received Alphabet Exercise and Letter Sounds.

My daughter, who is 4, enjoyed watching these dvd’s. I have to say, I found them a little bit on the cheesy side. However, if she enjoys watching something that has an educational side to it, I am all for it!

When one of the videos got to the “how to print” section, my daughter was so excited to get a pencil and paper and join in on the fun. Obviously these videos were made with children in mind and again, if it appeals to a young child then I recommend it as a good video for them to watch, from an educator’s stand point.

I also love it when a video encourages children to get up off of the couch. I loved the fact that a child can learn about the alphabet AND get exercise at the same time.

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2 Responses to REVEW: Rock ‘N Learn DVDs

  1. Debbie White-Beattie says:

    What a great concept especially because we all know it’s easier to learn when it’s put in music format. I used to do it through school myself

  2. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for sharing this is perfect!

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