Protect Your Identity #FellowesProtects #Giveaway

There are a variety of ways that you can protect your identity. Today, I’m going to discuss one of them: using a paper shredder. Years ago, I purchased my first paper shredder and I learned the hard way that an inexpensive paper shredder would cause me frustration and waste my time. I share some of the story in this short video: What should you shred you ask? The short answer is that you should shred anything with your name or any other personal information including your address, social insurance number, bank or visa information etc. Here is some more useful … Continue reading

Shred Your Private Documents! A Paper Shredder #Giveaway

paper shredder

Did You Know…. Identity theft is the most serious, non-violent crimes and fastest growing type of fraud in North America! It is tax time right now and like many Canadians, I have been sorting through papers, receipts and more for the past few weeks. As I sort through my 2014 papers, I also shred all of the documents that I no longer need from 7 years ago. Did you know that you need to save your last 6 years of tax information and supporting documents? As recommended by the CRA Protect yourself from fraud with a Fellowes 63Cb Paper Shredder! … Continue reading