Whole Blends Hair Care!

Hair care

Who doesn’t love the feel of soft, silky hair? I don’t know about you, but when I have a good hair day, it helps my overall “feel good” status, including my self confidence. Whole Blends hair care leaves my hair feeling and smelling SO good! Your hair and senses deserve a treat too! I bet you didn’t know that my hair could naturally go that curly! The first thing I need to share with you is how it made me smile when I hugged my daughter and she complimented me on how nice my hair smelled. It’s often the little … Continue reading

Prevent Damaged Hair with Garnier Fructis #DamageEraser

Fructis Damage Eraser

I have naturally curly/wavy hair. It sounds nice, but in truth, it isn’t beautiful curls, it is kind of all over the place. I do feel lucky in the sense that I always have the option to wear my hair “curly”, but if I am honest with you, which I ALWAYS am, I wear it curly when I am feeling lazy. Admittedly, this happens more often than I would like. Because I work from home, I tend not to get all “dolled up” (do I EVER really get truly dolled up, no, that isn’t my style) too often, but when … Continue reading