It’s Time to Organize Your Closet!

Do you struggle with what to wear every day? Is it time to organize your closet? Me too! The process of eliminating the items in my closet that were simply providing visual clutter and no joy to my life allows me to choose my daily outfits FASTER and to feel more organized. These hangers have been the main tool that helped me organize my closet. Why? You see, prior to my decision to organize my closet, my clothing hung on a variety of plastic hangers. Because they varied in thickness, shape and colour, it made my closet look disorganized right … Continue reading

Stylish and Unique Onesies and T-shirts for Kids {Giveaway}

stylish and unique onesies and t-shirts for kids

Stylish and unique onesies and t-shirts for kids always make a great gift idea! With sizes ranging from newborn all the way up to youth XL and a variety of colours, these super cute tops are sure to be a hit amongst little ones (and parents too!). I remember when my husband and I were new parents, we went CRAZY over onesies with cute sayings. lilspeak onesies (and shirts) are super cute. My favourite ones have a little monkey with an age statement like “I’m five” on them. Can’t you see your little one year old (or 2, 3, 4 … Continue reading