Canadian Friendly Giveaways 3/27

Canadian Friendly Giveaways

You’re reading this post because you love to enter giveaways, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Please know that I love all of my readers and friends from around the world, but because I live in Canada, I like to make this blog relevant to Canadians. All giveaways shared on Multi-Testing Mommy are Canadian Friendly Giveaways!   I know and understand how frustrating it is when you come across a really great giveaway, you have filled out the entry form and they you learn that it is not open to Canada. That can be so frustrating and disappointing. … Continue reading

Canadian Cash Giveaway

Canadian Cash Giveaway

Whenever I discover an opportunity to offer you, my amazing and loyal readers, to win something, I take it. Why? Well, I know many of you LOVE to enter giveaways and also because I see it as a thank you for taking your time to visit my blog. You see, I write for myself, but I won’t deny that the interaction is what I crave. The comments back and forth, even some friendly debate is great! I enjoy sharing useful (or at least I hope it is useful) information to you. I love to help others, especially, but not excluded … Continue reading

Tax Tips: Understanding Childcare Expenses

This article was provided by the Tax Professionals at H&R Block Do you pay for childcare? Read this article to understand more about childcare expenses taxes. Parents spend thousands of dollars a year in childcare expenses, so being able to claim them on your taxes can mean a sizeable deduction. But like any deduction, there are rules and guidelines for what you can and can’t claim. Here are some of the most common considerations: No receipt, no claim: Your childcare provider must give you a receipt for childcare expenses. Individuals who offer childcare must provide their Social Insurance Numbers (SINs) … Continue reading

Canada Tax Season Q&A

This article was provided by the Tax Professionals at H&R Block Read more for some Tax Tips in Canada! There are lots of questions when it comes to taxes, especially for families and first time parents. Every year, H&R Block tax pros answer thousands of questions online. Here are some frequently asked questions from parents and how they can make sure they do not miss a thing on their tax returns: Q: I am on maternity leave with my third child. I have kept my three-year-old in daycare because if I took her out I would never get her back … Continue reading