Should We Homeschool Our Children?


Last year my husband decided to move. One that would take us out of the school district we currently lived in. For me, it was the school board that I had taught within. It was an education system that I knew VERY well, and, when you have children with special needs, that’s a HUGE asset for a parent. Little did I know that our move was going to be the final push that I needed to make the decision to homeschool our children. I went to work connecting with other parents (of both autistic and neurotypical children) over Facebook to … Continue reading

Motherhood: Loosening Up On The Leash


I’ve always known that I have a very special, yet different, bond with each of my children. While neither of them share my deep love of Once Upon a Time or the Outlander book series (YET!), we have connected on other levels where we’ve found common ground. For my youngest, it’s his spot as the second child; a spot that I hold myself. Lately, with my oldest, it has shifted to being all about loosening up on the leash. Motherhood isn’t always easy. My sense of motherhood is deeply wrapped up in my relationship with my oldest, the strongest basis … Continue reading

One Family’s Journey Through Autism


On April 2nd, communities everywhere bring attention to autism. It’s a powerful day for every autism family. In our household, this day signals a month-long opportunity to increase awareness. Through education about how autism affects our family, we hope, one day, we will have true acceptance of our community. A day when my daughter, Penny, won’t struggle initiating play with her peers. A day when I won’t get judgmental looks when I take my son, Max, out with a harness and leash because without it, he runs into danger.     If you’ve met one child with autism, you have … Continue reading