It’s All About the Little Things We Do For Each Other! #PGMom

I am a very lucky lady and I count my blessings for it every single day! The events of yesterday and today are a great example! I was suffering from a really terrible migraine all day yesterday. My hubby rushed home early from work (because it was Valentine’s Day) to cook our family a delicious steak and risotto dinner that thankfully I was able to enjoy (and then some!–I hadn’t eaten all day). Right after dinner, my migraine hit a high and unfortunately, I spent the rest of the night on the couch and I went to bed at 8pm … Continue reading

Another Way to Save Money Throughout the Year

When my husband and I first started getting serious, we both had different credit cards. We had quite the time trying to figure out how we would handle finances in the beginning and so we kept things separate. Eventually, when we were thinking about buying our first house, we realized that in order to make things easier moving forward, we should open up a joint bank account. Because the bank that we chose to use was also attached to my credit card, we decided to get a second card for him to use as well. We also had his credit … Continue reading

Perspective from @CodiePrevost

We just had a flood in our house. I panicked when I came home to it (the toilet was GUSHING water everywhere), I cried as I mopped up the water and tried to salvage our storage items that were underneath the basement. The emergency clean up crew just left and I came to sit down on the computer for a few minutes when I saw this video from Codie Prevost. It helps to put the entire thing in perspective for me. I am grateful that my family is safe and healthy and I feel terrible for those who aren’t. Beautiful … Continue reading

Laundry ~ a constant pile up!

Does laundry pile up for you like it does for me?It seems like laundry is never ending and there is not a point in thinking I’ll ever get caught up.Having a family with young children means laundry piles up quickly! The biggest challenge isn’t the washing or the drying; for me, it’s the folding and putting away. About a month and a half ago, I started a new laundry system in my house. I have assigned everyone their own day. This way, if they are wanting a specific outfit clean, they know when to make sure it is in their … Continue reading