Everyday Cooking: New Canadian Cookbook Author Sandra Katanic

Do you ever set goals and dreams? Perhaps ones that you think are so far out of reach, but you put them out there anyhow? Sandra Katanic of Everyday Cooking is one of those people who inspires others to go after their dreams and to never look back.

“Dream and Believe in Yourself” Sandra Katanic

everyday cooking
Last night, I spent an incredible evening with Sandra Katanic, her friends and family, celebrating the launch of her very first cookbook: Everyday Cooking Real Food | Real People | Real Life. The event took place at Willow Springs Winery in Stouffville in a beautiful, rustic room filled with a breathtaking ambiance including wood, wine barrels, flowers and of course people! The excitement in the room was something I have never quite felt. It was purely magical.

The love, support, pride and glowing faces.
The warm embraces.
The congratulatory, heartfelt messages.


Everything and everyone came together to support a determined, dedicated woman whose mission is truly to help people learn how to cook and provide healthy, wholesome and delicious food for their families.

I have been working with Sandra for a couple of years now. I have tasted her food many times, been welcomed into her home so much that I often feel like I should pack an overnight bag and have watched her grow and develop as a chef. She is self taught and determined to ensure that everyone who crosses her path leaves feeling good!

Everyday Cooking Real Food | Real People | Real Life

In May of this year, Sandra decided to write her very first cookbook. The idea to write a book has been a dream of hers for a long time now. She decided that it was finally time to take all of those recipes that were swirling in her head and put them down on paper. She was ready to share with the world.

It was an honour when Sandra asked me to be her photographer for the book. Sandra and I spent A LOT of time together in the month of June, taking photos (and eating ALL of the food that she had prepared – Multi-Testing Mommy had to TASTE TEST it after all!). We spent the next few months getting all of the recipes onto paper and then transcribed into text for her book. Meeting as a team with Growth Business Strategist, Colleen Lindburg, was something that I looked forward to every week from June until this week in preparation for the big launch.

It’s amazing what happens when you put your mind, heart and hard work
into something with focus and drive.

Sandra’s passion is to help people learn how to cook with simple, wholesome ingredients.

everyday cooking

One of my favourite recipes from Sandra is her Pumpkin Pasta

Get the recipe for this delicious Pumpkin Pasta!

Do you enjoy flipping through cook books like I do? I love sitting down with a good cup of coffee and read all of the recipes to get inspiration. Do you know of anyone who enjoys cooking? I encourage you to consider purchasing a copy of this book as a gift for them. Supporting local entrepreneurs is very important to me and this is a perfect opportunity to support a Canadian Author!
everyday cooking

Sandra is my friend and client and I am the photographer for her book. However that doesn’t influence my opinion on her recipes or her book. Her food is absolutely delicious, as everyone who enjoys her food would agree! I am sharing this with you, not only because I want to support Sandra, but also because I believe that it is an incredible book. It is worth the purchase for yourself (if you like cooking or want to learn) or as a gift idea.

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    Thanks for the introduction sure sounds like a nice book !

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