How to Make Your Own Lava Bead Bracelet

A Lava Bead Bracelet is a great DIY craft for kids for a couple of reasons. Lava beads are relatively inexpensive, especially when purchased in bulk. Lava beads are also known for being porous which means they are very popular amongst essential oil users as they retain the calming scents of essential oils. When worn daily, these bracelets can be used as an accessory as well as a part of your healthy routine. Of course if you prefer not to use essential oils (personal preference or because you have chosen to not use them), these bracelets are equally as wonderful worn unscented.
lava bead bracelet

  • You can use a clothespin, clip or piece of tape at the end of your cord in order to keep the beads from falling off.
  • This is an excellent fine motor activity for children of all ages. It can be easily modified to meet different abilities.
  • You can use a container to keep your beads contained. Beads plus children often mean spilled beads all over the floor!
  • Talk to your child about the fact that this bracelet is not a toy! If the elastic is tugged on too often, it will give way and break, once again resulting in beads all over the floor. Of course, the natural consequence to this happening would be that the kids have to pick them all up and this could be a great task to keep them busy.

Materials Recommended to Make Your Own Lava Bead Bracelet:
Stretch Cord Elastic or Floss
lava bead bracelet

Lava Beads
lava bead braceletlava bead braceletlava bead bracelet

Fancy Metal Beads (if desired)
lava bead braceletlava bead bracelet

Collapsible Eye Needles

Knot Adhesive
lava bead bracelet
Lava Bead Bracelet
Please keep in mind that there are many other options on Amazon for materials to make your own Lava Bead Bracelets. The following are simply suggestions.

Instructions for how to make a Lava Bead Bracelet:

  1. Cut a piece of elastic to the appropriate length required plus approximately 10 cm extra.
  2. String your beads and tie the bracelet using a surgeon’s knot.
  3. Place a tiny dot of glue on the knot.
  4. Put a drop or two of your favorite essential oil on a few of the lava beads.
  5. Wear and enjoy!

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As always, full disclosure is extremely important to me. I am an Amazon Affiliate. Amazon is a convenient way to do your online shopping from the convenience of your own home. If FREE SHIPPING is important to you, be sure to check out Amazon Prime as an opportunity.

If you choose to use essential oils with your lava bead bracelet, please do so at your own risk/choice. I encourage you to read and learn about essential oils prior to using them.

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  1. Kamerine Gardam says:

    Do you have trouble with the lava beads cutting through the string?

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    Thanks for sharing this interesting post

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