How to Make Your Coat Fit When You are Pregnant

In October of this year, the weather started to turn cold a bit quicker than I had anticipated. Being 8 months pregnant, while I wanted an excuse to buy a new coat, it didn’t seem practical with only one month to go. I went to a local women’s clothing store and picked myself up a nice shawl-like sweater in hopes that it would see me through the rest of October and into November (my C-section was booked for November 14). After a few weeks, the shawl/sweater was not cutting it. It was around this same time that I learned how to make your coat fit when you are pregnant with an amazing product called Make My Belly Fit – just in time too!
Make My Belly Fit
As stated on their website, “the BellyFit is a soft shell zip-in panel, with optional zip adapter, that zips in to expand your existing jacket during pregnancy and baby-carrying. Lovingly made in Montreal, Canada.” What more can a fellow Canadian ask for? I was so excited to received my panel in the mail.

It turns out that my jacket did not require an adapter and so I simply zipped in the panel and away I went! I was finally warm and comfortable and able to wear my regular jacket! This lasted until my daughter decided she wanted to arrive two weeks early. I went to the hospital in my jacket and was so glad to have the panel for leaving the hospital too – especially after a c-section.

My daughter is now almost 10 weeks old and I have taken her on numerous trips in the carrier tucked snuggly under the panel. I especially like the fact that the fleece liner can be added or removed. The top of the panel is nice and wide and I always wrap a big scarf around my neck and tuck it in the opening at the top to keep the wind out. I am still using the panel when she is not riding underneath and use the snaps to help close my jacket that is still a bit too snug around my belly.
Make My Belly Fit
What a fantastic product that:
• Saves money (no new jacket needed)
• Is great during and after pregnancy
• Looks stylish (with different colours available)
• Has a double zipper which is great for driving (I like the option to zip it up a bit when I sit in the car)
• Keeps your baby very snuggly and warm (I only put mine in a warm sleeper and knee high socks on a cold winter day and she was sooooo toasty)
• Is Canadian!

This review has been written by Alison, a Mom of two. You can read about Alison in our About Section here.

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13 Responses to How to Make Your Coat Fit When You are Pregnant

  1. Sarah Robinson says:

    How awesome is this?! Brilliant.

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  3. Victoria Ess says:

    I’ve seen these before and my friend has one! They really do look great and is a huge money saver!

  4. kathy downey says:

    Wow,this really is brilliant,and will help save

  5. Lynda Cook says:

    Well someone sure was thinking when they came up with this, it’s an awesome way to save money, no need to buy a coat just for a couple months, I wished they had this when I was pregnant

  6. elizamatt says:

    these are a great idea and what a money saver too. Brilliant 🙂

  7. kathy downey says:

    My friend is having twins,now at 6 months she could use this.what a great money saver

  8. Jennifer lo says:

    smart idea, gotta remember when if have another child

  9. kathy downey says:

    Was talking about this last night with my friends,just shared it on FB so they can read it.

  10. kathy downey says:

    Was talking about this last night with my friends,just shared it on FB so they can read it.

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