Have you Heard of the #CheeriosEffect? {Giveaway}

It is important to take a minute or two as often as you can to think about the people that are most important in your life. Better yet, let them know how important they are by creating your own unique video (it is SUPER easy and takes less than a minute) to send to them. It sometimes takes seconds, but when we reach out to our friends and our family, it can mean so much to them!

In today’s world, we live such busy lives. It is so important to take the time to stop and think. To help celebrate the happiness and joy connections bring to our lives Cheerios has launched its newest campaign, “The Cheerios Effect”.
Cheerios Effect

I decided to make a Cheerios Effect video for my friend Shari from The Knit Wit by Shair, who is one of the most dedicated friends that I know.
See why she is such a good friend in my Cheerios Effect video.

Watching the video below really made me think about what real love is all about…

What makes us love someone?
What is real love about?

Who do you love and why?

It’s Giveaway Time!
To help you get on board with the Cheerios Effect, I encourage you to enter the amazing giveaway below. I can’t wait to see the videos that you create! The only way to enter this giveaway is to create your very own Cheerios Effect Video (it literally takes seconds) and share the link to your video along with the hashtag (#CheeriosEffect) to me (@MultiTestingMom). Be sure to share your entry via the Giveaway Tools Entry Form below!
Prize: $100 Loblaws Gift Card and 5 boxes of Cheerioes
Open to: Canadian Residents outside of QC
Giveaway Ends: November 10, 2014 11:59pm EST

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6 Responses to Have you Heard of the #CheeriosEffect? {Giveaway}

  1. kathy downey says:

    Boy I sure hope i got the twitter link to you correctly

  2. Cheryl says:

    I love this #Cheerioseffect promo! Very thoughtful.

  3. Ang says:

    What a cool idea – I love my video!

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