Who Has the Time to do Laundry Twice? {Giveaway}

Do you have time to do laundry twice? If your household is anything like mine (loads of laundry EVERY.SINGLE.DAY), then you likely want to SAVE TIME on laundry like me!

OxiClean Laundry would like to help moms everywhere “take a load off” with some great tips on how to get the deepest clean, inside and out for your kids’ clothes during that busy back to school season! From art stains to grass stains, your kids will come home with it all and OxiClean will come to your rescue.
OxiClean - Take A Load Off

Did you learn something new from the infographic above?

I hope you learned at least ONE tip for how to save time on laundry.

I’m super excited to offer one lucky winner a Prize Pack of NEW OxiClean™ products to help at least one person save time on laundry!
Good luck everyone.

OxiClean Giveaway

When we save time doing laundry, we free up time where we are able to spend time with our family or doing other things for our family. It’s a win-win situation. For me, I do laundry on evenings and weekends. Weekends are family time and I would really rather not be spending them scrubbing the kids’ clothes!

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Giveaway ends: September 8, 2014 11:59pm EST

Do you have a tip for how to save time on laundry to share?

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193 Responses to Who Has the Time to do Laundry Twice? {Giveaway}

  1. Jennifer Allen says:

    8-10 loads a week

  2. Dayna Corriveau Wilson says:

    Roughly 65,000. Okay, 10ish.

  3. Cheryl says:

    At least 10 but closer to 15. 🙁

  4. jonnieh says:

    I do 6-8 loads per week

  5. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says:

    Never enough;)

  6. annet says:

    probably about 4 but I expect to be doing much more after my daughter’s baby is born

  7. Glogirl3 says:

    We do about 8 loads of laundry per week.

  8. Heidi C. says:

    We do at least 2-3 loads daily.

  9. Becky Best says:

    Once a week, I do about 5 loads.

  10. Victoria Ess says:

    I try to keep it at 3 a week.

  11. Amy says:

    I do 7-8 loads of laundry every week.

  12. Tanis Sergeew says:

    1 load every day or two!

  13. Andrea Amy says:

    2-3 loads per day.

  14. Jennifer P. says:

    I do about 4 loads per week on average – sometimes more, and never less.

  15. Dreena says:

    At least 4 loads per week, maybe more…

  16. Rene says:

    I probably do 3 loads per week..less than some I am sure!

  17. Tasha says:

    I do around 1-2 loads of laundry per week and a half.

  18. Darlene Schuller says:

    We do about 3-4 loads a week….

  19. Melinda Jana says:

    about 3-4 a week. it’s never ending

  20. Steph5e says:

    Usually 2-4 loads per week. Depends on my work schedule.

  21. dewinner says:

    3 to 4 a week!

  22. Donnas says:

    Not a lot, usually about 4

  23. Brenda Penton says:

    I do around 6-7 loads a week

  24. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    We do about 6.

  25. Jamie Bertrand says:

    probably around 10 loads of laundry a week

  26. Lori Jackson says:

    I would say around 10….I try to do 2 loads a day.

  27. fossie55 says:

    4 or 5 per week.
    Florence C

  28. Brandee H says:

    I do a load every weekday. About 5 loads a week.

  29. Christine D says:

    1-2 loads a week.

  30. kristen visser says:

    I do 2-3 loads a week. soon to be more im sure once we have our second baby in a couple weeks

  31. Juliee Fitze says:

    I do 2 loads a week.

  32. Carol Denny says:

    I do 3 loads a week!

  33. selbys says:

    I usually do 5 loads a week

  34. Amy Lovell says:

    I do one load per week, unless someones sick, than more.

  35. ChristinaE says:

    Only one load per week. Yeah, I’m lucky that way.

  36. ivy pluchinsky says:

    4 loads a week

  37. blessedta says:

    2 loads per week.

  38. Kirsten G. says:

    I do about 6-8 loads of laundry a week.

  39. Vesper Meikle says:

    Probably do 2 loads a week plus I hand wash all my bras and dresses

  40. Surso S. says:

    3 to 5 a week depending

  41. susitravl says:

    I do 3 a week, unless I’m washing bedding, rugs and curtains, then I do a LOT. Sorry – I didn’t notice Canada only. Please delete my entries and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  42. lori b says:

    about 4 loads per week, sometimes more

  43. Viv Sluys says:

    I do about 10 a week lately. I’m thinking of ways to cut back though! We are a family of 5 (one in cloth diapers)

  44. jan says:

    we try not to go over 2 loads a week, but sometimes it is 3

  45. Julie G. says:

    Usually two or three loads per week.

  46. Nancy T says:

    4-6 loads depending on how many towels (swimming plus bath) we use. And one of those loads is almost all pink!

  47. suzquiz says:

    I do about 3 loads a week

  48. Journeysof TheZoo says:

    2-3 loads unless I have towels and sheets.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  49. Heather Swarthout says:

    Three on Wednesday and three on Sunday, so 6 in total. 🙂 (lilbittypanda at aol dot com)

  50. janice budgell pollard says:

    at least 10 loads

  51. Sweet Panda says:

    About 4 loads each week

  52. beverly smith says:

    A load every day usually, might get lucky and be able to skip a day here n there but not very often 🙁

  53. Judy Cowan says:

    I do about 6-7 loads a week.

  54. Debbie Petch says:

    I do usually 2 loads a week.

  55. karla says:

    I do about 5 loads a week

  56. angela mitchell says:

    I do about 5 loads a week.

  57. Darwin says:

    We do about 4 loads a week.

  58. Erika Birrell says:

    I do about 4-5 loads a week!

  59. Wendy Hutton says:

    I do 2-3 loads a wk

  60. UglyMummy says:

    around 5 loads a week

  61. Lynn Mathieu says:

    I do 2 loads a day,every day

  62. seham says:

    I do about 6-7 a week

  63. Lynda Cook says:

    around 5 loads a week

  64. Jennpup says:

    About 4 loads a week! 🙂

  65. DARLENE W says:

    I do 3 to 4 loads a week, just hubby and I now

  66. ShariD says:

    I do 5 to 6 loads a week.

  67. Jolie says:

    8 to 10 per week

  68. Lucy says:

    2-3 loads a week

  69. Lee-Ann says:

    About 5 or 6

  70. Yuen Ch says:

    one load

  71. Karine says:

    Minimum 5 a week

  72. piroska says:

    I do about 2 loads a week.

  73. Jeanette Jackson says:

    I do 2 loads a week.

  74. Josie says:

    About 6 or 7

  75. Mims Wilton says:

    i do about 2-3 a day

  76. Belinda McNabb says:

    I do 4 loads of laundry a week

  77. jeannine glen says:

    I do 3 loads of laundry per week

  78. mommakoala says:

    about 5 loads a week

  79. Barbara Hutcheson says:

    I do laundry twice week about 2-3 loads per time

  80. Shellie Clark says:

    I do 2 loads a week.

  81. melissa says:

    I usually have 1 a day

  82. flowerchild23 says:

    I do about 6 loads a week

  83. Michelle james says:

    Btwn 4-8 loads for family of 5.

  84. Casey Miller says:

    Average is 5

  85. Joni W says:

    I do about 8-10 loads a week

  86. Doris says:

    I do 3 loads a week

  87. M Gibb says:

    10-12 regularly

  88. HaylieL says:

    about 6-8 loads per week

  89. Rebby Roberts says:

    I do 4-5 loads a week!

  90. Connie Bocsik says:

    At least 6

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  92. Wanda Tracey says:

    I do about 4 or 5 loads of laundry a week.

  93. julie_bolduc says:

    I do one load a day

  94. Tammy D says:

    4 -6 loads a week

  95. Kim G. says:

    About 6 loads/week

  96. missbobloblaw says:

    We do 6-8 loads a week!

  97. Christina Ferguson says:

    I do 3 to 4 loads of laundry a week.

  98. Celeste G says:

    1per day

  99. Athena says:

    5 loads/wk

  100. Elva Roberts says:

    I probably do at least 12 or more loads of laundry a week.

  101. Lori Bazan says:

    I do at least 5 loads a week!

  102. Nicole says:

    About 5 or so loads a week

  103. billiondollarprincesss says:

    0-i try to do one load every 2 weeks.

  104. Alayne Langford says:

    Bahaha…with 5 kids and 2 dirty dogs, 2-3 loads/day on a bad day, 1-2 loads/day on a good day 🙂

  105. gizfarris says:

    I do about 3 loads per week.

  106. teeslee says:

    2 to 3 loads

  107. Eldon L says:

    2 loads

  108. sunshine says:

    2 to 3

  109. Monique Shuell says:

    3-4 loads per week

  110. Tanya B says:

    2 to 3 a week

  111. sarah stickney says:

    between 2-4.

  112. kathy downey says:

    I do 6/7 loads a week

  113. Steph BKN says:

    I’m sitting at at least 3 a day with the kiddos & my hubbys work wear

  114. leanne m says:

    I do about 2-3 per day.

  115. Kayla Gilbert says:

    I do about 1 load per week.

  116. Midge K says:

    about three a week.

  117. monica b says:

    I do one load a week

  118. Sunshine g says:

    Feels like about a thousand – but probably 6 or 7 in reality.

  119. Ron Bowman says:

    10 loads a week

  120. Angele Francoeur says:

    3-4 loads a week

  121. ToCo says:

    Average of 6 per week.

  122. krystyl olson says:

    id say 2x per week, including towels and bedding – family of 4 🙂

  123. Nena Sinclair says:

    I do 4 to 6 loads of laundry per week.

  124. Donna L. says:

    about 6 loads a week

  125. we do 2 loads a day with 6 of us in the house!!

  126. Anna W says:

    I wash 7-8 loads a week.

  127. mongupp says:

    About 10 loads in a week

  128. Jenny Major says:

    3 loads

  129. ivan mckinnon says:

    Only two loads a week.

  130. wwcd23 says:

    Maybe about 6 loads a week

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  132. Terri Shaw says:

    I do two loads a week, once in a while 3 loads…

  133. Veronique L says:

    About 6-7 loads but I have a compact washer

  134. Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux says:

    I do 2 loads a day

  135. SeanM says:

    3-4 loads a week

  136. Doris says:

    I do 3 loads each week.

  137. Rosanne Robinson says:

    we have 2-3 loads per week and when the grandson stays with us 4-5 loads 🙂

  138. Karin Dollery says:

    3-5 loads a week

  139. Tricia Cooper says:

    I do about 3 loads of laundry each week!

  140. May says:

    I do about 4 to 5 loads of laundry each week!

  141. MrDPrize says:

    2 loads

  142. J_numbers says:

    About twice a week.

  143. Kassie says:

    I do 2-3 loads every week.

  144. Kate Hearn says:

    3-4 loads a week…but one load is usually just towels and sheets

  145. caryn s says:

    I must do at least 5-7 Loads of laundry!

  146. Alexia Harvours says:

    I do 3 – 4 loads of laundry a week.

  147. aly3360 says:

    On average probably 4 loads a week.

  148. Wobbles says:

    8-10 loads

  149. Nicolthe pickle says:

    probably about 16.

  150. Robyn B. says:

    Ugh…about 8 or 9 loads per week.

  151. Roz says:

    Living alone I am fortunate to only have to do 2 loads a week.

  152. Ginnett says:

    I have five kids still at home, and we do over 6 loads of laundry every week. 🙁

  153. Bruke Benwell says:

    There are 4 people in my house and I do approx. 6-8 loads of laundry per week

  154. selma90 says:

    6 loads a week!

  155. Mcm says:

    3-5 a week

  156. Jolie says:

    About 10/week

  157. Tracy says:

    I do 6 or 7 loads a week -to many 😉

  158. Edith Rennes says:

    I do one load a week

  159. Karen Hambly says:

    Usually about 3

  160. Leanne Cobbledick says:

    I do 2-3 loads each week

  161. Sandee says:

    I do 4-5 a week!

  162. SweepstakesFREEClub says:

    I do about 5 to 7 loads a week, its the darn work uniform.

  163. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    I do three loads/week usually.

  164. Tanya Campbell says:

    3 loads a week

  165. Nancy Parsons says:

    I do 1 to 2 loads per day

  166. Mel Borhi says:

    I do my laundry 1-2 times a week.

  167. rebeccaorr says:

    Shoot…I just realized this was Canada only. You can delete my entries! Sorry about that. My FB name used for the RC form is Rebecca Orr .

  168. Jenn L says:

    1-2 loads per day for us!

  169. BaileyDexter says:

    I do around 5-6 loads a week, hey, that’s a lot for a kitty! lol

  170. Kristine E says:

    I would say 1 a day 🙂

  171. I might not do everyday but when I do it, it could be up to 4 loads.

  172. Andrew Pham says:

    1-2 times a week

  173. Lisa Knox Neutel says:

    I do laundry on the weekends and I usually have 5-6 extra large loads of laundry ….varies depending on my little diva

  174. Helisa Duplassie says:

    One or two a day. I can’t handle doing six or seven loads in a day.

  175. Justin says:

    3 a week.

  176. jemrah says:

    about 3 loads per week

  177. We do about 8 loads of laundry a week

  178. raynebow12 says:

    usually 5-7 loads a week

  179. truckerofbc says:

    There are 6 of us not including 2 renters who do their own laundry so if i include them we do upwards of 12 loads a week.

  180. Katrina Dennehy says:

    with 2 Special needs kids .12 loads of laundry a week . 4 loads monday , 4 loads wednesday and 4 loads friday ,,

  181. Cindy Ray says:

    Way too many lol!

  182. sand2010 says:

    I do about 5 loads a week

  183. Sean M says:

    2-3 loads per week

  184. david says:

    5 loads a week

  185. cheryl says:

    We do about 4-6 loads a week depending on the season, winter is more like 6

  186. Maryanne says:

    5-6 loads a week

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