Come and Party with Me! Let’s talk Cooking! {with Prizes}

Many years ago, when I was first starting out on my own with my hubby, a friend introduced me to Pampered Chef products for my kitchen. I was invited to a party and I bought a few items, despite the fact that we had very little disposable income at the time. We still have the tools that I purchased that night and I use them on a regular basis!

Fast forward a few years when we were visiting my sister in law’s house and she prepared lunch for us on her stoneware cookie sheet. I trust my sister in law’s opinion and she swore that her bar pan was the only cookie sheet that she used and that it never required parchment paper or oil. It took me a while to become convinced, but after talking to a few other friends who owned Pampered Chef Stoneware, I was ready to give it a try! I am SO glad that I did!

My Pampered Chef Bar pans (cookie sheets) are the only pans that I use for the majority of my baking. In fact, I loved my pans SO much that I also bought a 9×13, a square pan, a circle pan AND TWO muffin pans!


Join my Pampered Chef Facebook Party to find out why I LOVE my stoneware SO much (and much more)!

On Tuesday night starting at 9pm EST, Shannon Wijnker and I will be co-hosting a Pampered Chef Party on Facebook!

No longer do you have to get all dolled up to head out with some friends in order to learn more about Pampered Chef and to receive some AMAZING cooking tips! You can do it in the comfort of your own home, in your pj’s!

Tomorrow night, everyone who attends our party and who participates in “role call” will be entered in a draw to receive a Mini Mix N Scraper and a Season’s Best Pampered Chef cookbook!
mix and scrape

AND one lucky person with the most collected the points from the party will receive a prize of $25 in free products!
Pampered Chef Party Points


Did you know that with Pampered Chef, you can also host a Bridal Shower, create Bridal Registries and easily set up a Fundraising Event?

RSVP now

This will be my very first Pampered Chef Facebook Party! Will you join me?

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2 Responses to Come and Party with Me! Let’s talk Cooking! {with Prizes}

  1. Elva Roberts says:

    I went to a Pampered Chef party sponsored by my granddaughter and purchased a stone for my oven. I really love it and use it all the time. Hope you have a great party.

  2. DARLENE W says:

    Have heard of Pampered Chef before and have even seen some of their products

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