The Science of Rock ‘n Roll Exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre {GIVEAWAY}

I am super excited for the new Rock ‘N’ Roll exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre! The exhibit will be on display at the Ontario Science Centre until October 26th 2014.

I LOVE music!

I love how it sounds, I love making music and I love how it makes me feel! The science behind music is pretty fascinating and I believe that this will be an exhibit that the entire family will enjoy.

The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll is an interactive exhibition that provides a fresh look at the history of rock from the perspective of science and technology. See how music has shaped the tools of rock – and how those tools have changed the music.

The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll is included with general admission to the Ontario Science Centre.

Science of Rock n Roll
I recently went to the Ontario Science Centre with my son’s school on a Field Trip and I have to say that I found the staff there to be super friendly and helpful! The woman in the above photo was particularly amazing with the children!

Science of Rock n RollWhen my son sees this drum set and realizes that he can sit down in front of them to play the drums, I think we will have a pretty difficult time convincing him to leave!

Science of Rock n Roll

Science of Rock n Roll

I absolutely LOVE the hands on experience at the Ontario Science Centre!

Science of Rock n Roll

Science of Rock n Roll

At the above activity, Ontario Science Centre visitors interact with the table through a series of four pre-programmed Reactable “cubes”. Each of the cubes has five sides that contain different pre-programmed instrumental tracks: guitar, bass, drums, and keys. When the different cubes are placed on the table, different instruments and their respective sounds are triggered. By placing the cubes in different orientations, visitors open up a myriad of musical possibilities. Visitors are able to record what they create and retrieve their composition at home using The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll backstage pass, which is available onsite for an additional $2.

*All of these stations are interactive during your visit whether or not the backstage pass is purchased. However, if you want to record and retrieve, will need to purchase a backstage pass.


OSC Giveaway
Prize: 4 VIP passes to The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll
(This includes admission to the Science Centre (all exhibitions, including The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll) + the possibility to record in The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll.)
4 passes to an IMAX film
(winner can choose which film)
4 Rockquation t-shirts (shirts only available in adult sizes)
1 signed Arkells CD (Michigan Left or Jackson Square)
Open to: Canadian Residents who can visit the Ontario Science Centre (no transportation costs will be provided)
Giveaway Ends: July 14, 2014 11:59pm EST


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56 Responses to The Science of Rock ‘n Roll Exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre {GIVEAWAY}

  1. rhod says:

    I already won tickets to this event. Excited to check it out.

  2. Sweet Panda says:

    I am most interested in chemistry. I found it very interesting that with different components/substance mixed together, there’s something different created.

  3. Darlene Schuller says:

    I am not really sure 🙁 .. it’s been many many many years since I’ve been. I would so love to see all of it!

  4. Journeysof TheZoo says:

    I love the IMAX and the science experiments for kids. I haven’t been for at least 25 years and I used to go all the time (I live really close to it). I’d love to WIN these, thanks for hosting!

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  5. Mom 4 Two says:

    I think my girls would love The Living Earth area. They love all things nature.

  6. Shari Goss says:

    For me it’s more about sharing the science with my boys. I think they would love it there!

  7. Yuen Ch says:

    I like the hands on part of the science centre because I get to learn from it

  8. Jennifer Alger Morse says:

    Definitely the Science of Rock and Roll! Sounds like a blast!!

  9. Victoria Ess says:

    I’m definitely into The Science of Rock ‘N’ Roll exhibit the most because I love music!

  10. Kayla Gilbert says:

    I love Anatomy!

  11. Michelle Kristin Galante says:

    The Great White Shark Imax film – I must see this

  12. Eldon Lai says:

    I am most interested in checking out this Rock ‘N’ Roll exhibit.

  13. Sandra says:

    Love medicine and physiology! It’s just too cool and it IS US.

  14. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I’m interested in Biology and anything to do with the anatomy. It gives me such a better understanding of how to keep healthy.

  15. DARLENE W says:

    the anatomy section is the one I like

  16. Lucy says:

    I’m most interested in chemistry, I love learning about the chemical nature of things and their reactions

  17. Suzanne Rudge (MapleMouseMama) says:

    Hmm I am for sure very interested in the Science of Rock n’ Roll, but I also love the area where they talk about and show how machines work.

  18. sarah sar says:

    The bio/anatomy section is my fave!

  19. Birgit Fearon says:

    Wonderful day out with the kids, love for my daughter to see the IMAX film she has never been.

  20. Barbara Hutcheson says:

    ******bio/anatomy is my favourite but you always have to do the static electricity hair standing up test-lol******

  21. christina says:

    Biology and anatomy are my two absolute favourite science subjects……. 🙂

  22. Lee-Ann Sleegers says:

    For MIss R it is about zoology! She’s a huge fan of animals and how they rely on one another.

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  24. Wobbles says:


  25. Yvonne T says:

    Living Earth sounds cool.

  26. Brandi Y. says:

    I think the Science of Rock n’ Roll sounds pretty fun!

  27. KD says:

    I love astronomy. I read “Exploring the Night Sky” by Terrence Dickinson when I wa sin grade 2 and have been hooked ever since!

  28. Csmith says:

    I’ve always loved sharks, so marine biology, oceanography.

  29. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    My children and I really enjoy looking at all the different rocks from different areas.

  30. Robyn B. says:

    I am most interested in checking out this Rock ‘N’ Roll exhibit.

  31. J_numbers says:

    The static electricity for it’s hair-rising information.

  32. Gwen Collins says:

    Never been, so don’t know which is my favourite. Looking forward to finding out.

  33. Brandee H says:

    I find Biology fascinating. That so much is going on inside of us is amazing.

  34. Mike Kozseluha says:

    I honestly can’t pick a favourite area – whenever I go I am there the minute it opens and stay there until the minute it closes and I try to see as much as possible !!!!!

  35. D'Arcy Headon says:

    I just love to see the kids reactions to everything.

  36. aly3360 says:

    I’m interested in astronomy.

  37. mongupp says:

    I love to learn how the human body works. Definitely a scientific Creator behind everything!

  38. mongupp says:

    I love to learn how the human body works. Definitely a scientific Creator behind everything!

  39. Natalie says:

    The Human Edge exhibit looks really interesting. I studied sports psychology for a bit, so it really matches my interests. And of course, I want to see an imax movie because who doesn’t? I’d probably pick The Great White Shark movie or Island of Lemurs (I love lemurs!)

  40. Lisa Knox Neutel says:

    I like learning about stars and planets also about rocks and minerals

  41. Doris says:

    I am most interested in Marine Biology.

  42. Athena says:

    The Rock and Roll exhibit, it just looks really cool 🙂

  43. Jennifer L. says:

    I love anything to do with nature, plants and animals because they’re all around us and so fascinating.

  44. Harvinderks says:

    Biology is very interesting to me!

  45. Vivian says:

    I like biology.

  46. Christy Martin says:

    I think it would be neat to see Imax Under The Sea. Kids love everything animal or fish!

  47. cheryl says:

    when I was a kid they had this static ball that you touched and it made your hair stand up, not sure if its there but that’s what im most excited for

  48. Bree says:

    Zoology & Marine biology because I love animals!

  49. Christine says:

    Love Biology as I find nature so fascinating.

  50. Megan says:

    We love any of the hands on areas! My son will talk about it for days & months!

  51. Cathy Canton says:

    electricity is very cool!

  52. Jennpup says:

    The science of climate change.

  53. Linda says:

    Anything about the weather I find interesting!

  54. UglyMummy says:

    the imax would be the best!!

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