Holiday Décor with Ferrero Rocher

I love decorating for the holidays. Come mid-November, if I haven’t begun the decoration people start questioning me…”Is there something wrong??” See, I have always enjoyed the pure joy that the holiday season brings, and decorating is just the beginning of the holiday cheer. For me, those seasonal decorations include just a few basic colors. White (lights), red (ribbons) and gold (accents) for glimmer. Traditional mixed with a little bit of hip is my Christmas style.

When it comes to our traditional treats, Ferrero Rocher has a permanent spot on our shopping list. We always keep them in stock over the holidays, and occasionally throughout the year when I’m indulging. What is fantastic about Ferrero Rocher is that they fit right in with the holiday décor. They add a touch of class to my simply (but festive) trimmings.

The golden wrapper reflects the lights from our tree as the sit perfectly on my new red charger. The one I bought specifically for them. Though Ferrero Rocher stand perfectly on their own, especially with the different varieties of displays that you can purchase in store. I truly adore the Christmas tree stand display as you will be able to see in the examples below.

Ferreror Rocher

The thing about Ferrero Rocher is that once you’ve opened it, people tend to flock around them. Like the water cooler at work, they bring people together. And though they do perfectly well standing on their own, I have shared a few simple ways that you can dress up (or down) your Ferrero Rocher for your next holiday gathering.

A simple dish:

Not that Ferrero Rocher needs dressing up, not in the least. But when you fill a clear glass dish and place them on your dining table or side bar, they make a more than delicious accent to your table dressing.

Ferreror Rocher

A center piece:
As I mentioned above, a simpler charger along with the Ferrero Rocher can create the perfect center piece for your table setting! Perfect for after the main course, while getting ready to serve dessert!

Ferreror Rocher

A place setting:
Place a single Ferrero Rocher in front of a fancy napkin, centered on your dinner plate. If you would like, you can add a name plate, or simple tag, but only if you have arranged seating for your guests. Around here we allow people to sit where ever they choose, so I don’t worry too much about name tags.

Ferreror Rocher

Feel free to enter the Ferrero Rocher Hint, Hint Contest!

Send a hint (to a friend on facebook) and you (as well as your friend) could win an instant prize!
The Hint, Hint contest ends December 18th, 2013

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  1. Victoria Ess says:

    How creative! I love placing one on each plate with a napkin.

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