I’m Headed to #LINK2013 Today!

Eight years ago, when I started writing a blog, I never in a million years would have expected to meet, interact and learn from so many incredible people! I spend the bulk of my week days working on my blogs and with MommiesFirst, interacting with people over email, Facebook and Twitter all day long and I LOVE it!

A few times a year, there are opportunities to meet these fellow bloggers face to face at various events and conferences.

This year, I am heading to #LINK2013 where I will have the opportunity to meet up with a wonderful group of women. Some of these ladies I have met before, but many of them I have not. While we do get to know each other rather well on line, there is definitely something said for meeting up in person too.

#LINK2013 is a two day conference, but I decided to stay home on the first day as it was my son’s 5th birthday and it is very important to me that I am home to see him in the morning, to have breakfast with him, to put him on the bus and to be there after school on his special day!

I’d love to hear if you go to conferences!

AND what special traditions do you have when you celebrate a family birthday?

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4 Responses to I’m Headed to #LINK2013 Today!

  1. Shari G says:

    Loved hanging out with you yesterday, my doll!

  2. It was so awesome to catch up with you at #PGmom! Wish I’d gone to LINK!

  3. So great to meet you at #LINK2013!! And I really do love your red bootie style! 🙂

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