Sophia the First Ready to be a Princess on DVD

Sophia the First

We are HUGE Sophia the First Fans in our house!

About the DVD

Your favourite little princess-in-training returns for more music, majesty and magical fun, so get ready to have a ball with Sofia the First! Becoming royalty overnight is every girl’s dream, and Sofia is eager to prove she can be a true princess. Visit an enchanted circus, meet a pet dragon and soar through desert skies with Sofia and Amber on a magic carpet ride! But when their high-flying adventure veers off course, it’s special guest Princess Jasmine to the rescue with inspiring advice about trying new things, staying strong and trusting yourself. Sparkling with extraordinary song unforgettable characters and thrilling surprises, Ready to Be A Princess opens the door to a whole new world of kindness, helping others and being the best you can be!


  1. A Royal Mess
  2. The Shy Princess
  3. Blue Ribbon Bunny
  4. The Princess Test
  5. How to Tangu

Total Episode Running Length = Approximately 112 minutes

This DVD came with a Sofia doll dress up kit and features a special guest feature from a “real princess”, Jasmine! My daughter felt like she was getting a gift within a gift when she opened up the box and discovered there was something to play with as well. What more could a child ask for? With lots of music and adventure, both my 8 year old daughter AND my 4 year old son enjoy watching this show together. In fact, they have even asked me to record episodes of Sophia on our PVR, THAT is just how much they love this show.

I find the music very catchy in this series. As I type post, I have the main song playing in my head. Yes, I’m strange like that. I love music of any kind, kid music included.

There are so many shows out there now a days that I really would prefer my children not watch, but this is most definitely NOT one of them. There is a good message within each episode and you are left with a warm, fuzzy feeling. My type of kid show!

Princess Sophia sets a good roll model for children because not only is she a princess, beautiful and all of those qualities that young children love and look up to, but she is also brave, smart and is a good person!

This DVD became available on September 10th, 2013.

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5 Responses to Sophia the First Ready to be a Princess on DVD

  1. Kat E. says:

    Princess Sophia is much loved in our house! Thanks for the DVD review – for sure I’ll pick this one up. Thanks!

  2. Erika E says:

    This looks really cute. My boy’s not interested though!

  3. Amy Lovell says:

    this looks super awesome!

  4. Super cute. Looks like a show my little cousin would adore.

  5. Victoria Ess says:

    Looks like a really cute film! Sophia is definitely a favourite!

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