Summer Reading Made Easy with @Kobo

My daughter, who is 8 years old absolutely LOVES to read! She will literally pick up a book and within part of a day be done. She reads very fast and I am often surprised with how impressive her comprehension skills are given how quickly she can read an entire book.

Because of her love of reading and her speed, this summer I feel like we will be running back and forth to the library and book stores every other day in order to keep up!

One way that we can make reading fun for her (not that we have to try) as well as to save the environment, is to give her a Kobo E-reader!


The PTPA-approved Kobo Mini is the perfect device to introduce kids to eReading. It’s the world’s smallest and lightest full-featured E Ink eReader, and is highly-portable and easy for first-time readers to hold and read – offering the full Kobo experience at a great value. Just like reading print on paper, the no-glare 5” E Ink screen is easy on the eyes – even in bright sunlight – which makes it perfect for outdoor summertime reading. The Kobo Mini comes in black or white and offers a selection of three stylish SnapBacks in Teal, Ruby Red, and Purple.

Kobo Mini

The award-winning Kobo Touch is the industry’s first touch-screen eReader, and is equipped with a no-glare 6” Pearl E Ink touchscreen that offers the closest experience to reading print on paper. This eReader includes Kobo’s latest software, offering more ways to personalize the reading experience, get recommendations, and discover new content. The Kobo Touch offers a distraction-free reading experience and holds up to 1,000 books.

Until July 18, the Kobo Mini is available for $39.99 and the Kobo Touch for $69.99 at top Canadian retailers including Chapters-Indigo-Coles, Best Buy, Future Shop, Staples, Target (Mini only), The Source, Toys”R”Us, and at
*In-store and online availability varies by retailer. Please check local retailer for details. Offer available while supplies last.*

Have you ever considered giving your child an e-reader?

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11 Responses to Summer Reading Made Easy with @Kobo

  1. Soozle says:

    Wow! The prices have really gone down on EReaders! As an avid reader, I have always wanted one but couldn’t really see spending over $100 on one..

    These prices though! Something I would look into further.. Curious to know HOW many books the mini holds?

  2. Debbie B says:

    My friend has a kobo and she loves it!

  3. Shari G says:

    I never thought about it, but I do know you can get the kindle app for iPhone. My son has our old iphone…I really should look into that for him. I bet he would love it! Thanks for the great idea on using the ereaders for our kids. Although…I really want a kobo for me LOL

  4. Wow! Those are really great prices! So much cheaper than when the Kobo first appeared!

  5. Erika E says:

    I have considered getting my son an e-reader because I thought it might make him more interested in reading. They are a lot more reasonably priced than they used to be.

  6. Mary says:

    My kids love to read, I was thinking about getting them a Kobo Mini!

  7. I’ve always loved reading myself. That’s awesome that your daughter enjoys it that much. I’d like to get a kobo for my dad.

  8. Victoria Ess says:

    I love reading, but I haven’t made the switch to e-books, as I love the feel of a real book. My mom loves e-books though and this Kobo mini would make a great gift.

  9. Annie1 says:

    Omgosh, I want one of these so badly, but have yet to indulge myself! I think it would be so much easier to hold than books as I have arthritis in my hands.


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  10. Susan T. says:

    I have a Kobo Mini and it is great! I find it much easier to hold than a real book and definitely easier to carry around!

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