Dance Moms: Makeup 101

I am a Dance Mom and let me tell you that I do NOT come by it naturally! My daughter has been dancing since she was 2 1/2. She absolutely loves it and she’s a natural. Over the past six or so years, I have had to learn many “tricks of the trade” in order to survive as a “Dance Mom”.

Two of the areas where I have struggled and learned a lot is hair and make up. You see, I’m not a “girly girl”, far from it in fact. Most days, I go make up free and my hair style takes me a whole 2 minutes to complete, maybe less. So, when I discovered that I had to learn how to do perfect ballet buns and dance recital make up, I was nervous to say the least.

For the first few years, I simply used whatever makeup I had on hand and didn’t go too crazy with it, but this year, our dance studio had a “How to Put on DANCE Make up Session” that I found super helpful. At this session, they talked about Arbonne makeup and how great it was, so this year, I decided to jump in head first and do everything the “proper way” like a true Dance Mom should!

Arbonne Makeup

Eye Shadow Divine Plum
Eye Shadow Snow
Liquid Eye Liner Black
It’s a Long Story™ Mascara
Blush Taffeta
Lipstick Runway Rouge

The makeup arrived…

Arbonne Makeup

My daughter jumped up and down, with squeals and the whole bit…

Arbonne Makeup

And then it came time to actually put it on…yikes! You see, my daughter doesn’t like anyone going near her eyes. She scrunches them up so tight, you wouldn’t even know there are eyes under her eyelids. I convinced her to let me gently put on the eye shadow and because I was using a VERY soft brush from Arbonne and I was extremely gentle, we had success! The eye shadow went on so well, I was impressed. But after I had done that, she announced, “Ok Mom, I think we’re done with the make up now!”.

To which I replied, “Nope – we’ll be done when I say we’re done!”

Did I just say that?! Yup, I think I did and my hubby heard me too because from the other room, he called out, “And now you have become an official Dance Mom!”

Oh boy! Did I really? Yes, I think I did.

Well, I was able to put on eye shadow, blush and lip stick without too much of a struggle. I was amazed at how well the products went on and STAYED on for a good part of the day. This was a great practice for the recital in a couple of weeks.

The Arbonne makeup brushes made the application so much easier and I am amazed with how soft the brushes are. The eye shadow and blush dust on so beautifully and the lipstick is smooth going on and it really does last.

Here is why I like using Arbonne on my daughter, and moving forward, I might consider purchasing some more of their products.

About Arbonne® Products:

  • vegan-certified
  • made with botanically based ingredients
  • Free of Formaldehyde donating preservatives, Benzene, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Phthalates, Toluene
  • Free of PABA


Tips for Putting Make up On Your Child

  • Have your child look away from the makeup applicator.
  • Young children have beautiful skin! They don’t need foundation and powder.
  • Focus on the eyes, lips and cheeks.
  • Remember that while the makeup may look like a lot up close, when they are on stage, you want their eyes, cheeks and mouths to “pop”!


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14 Responses to Dance Moms: Makeup 101

  1. lol. I love what you said…you’re soooo a dance mom now! lol

    I’ve heard GREAT things about Arbonne!

  2. I love little girls in dance! It was big back in the Alberta town I lived in and they were so cute when they were all dolled up.

  3. LOL! I’ll need this post again in 6 mths. DD1 is going to start dance then and like you I know nothing about being girl! I need to learn if I am going to be a dance mom!

  4. I’ve tried Arbonne and have really liked the items I have. Such a fun dance mom post!

  5. Haha! Great post Amanda! I was a DANCE Mom AND SKATING mom for several years and I, too, had to learn the ropes of all of these things too! My daughter used to be in synchronized skating, so in addition to all the make up and hair buns, I also had to learn how to put on false eyelashes for a whole team of girls. Except I got ‘fired’ from that job the first time! LOL! I got pretty good at putting on eye makeup, blush and lips on several girls at a time and we always had ‘team makeup colours’ that you could buy yourself or share with the team, but everyone had to have their own disposable makeup pads and lip brushes and Q-tips. My daughter was very picky about having soft brushes too as she had very sensitive skin. I always found a bigger challenge to find a makeup remover that worked without irritating her skin. I love the quality that Arbonne offers!

  6. My daughter was a competitive Irish Dancer and we always had to buy MAC products. Have to admit, I love MAC face powder.

  7. Official Dance Mum? No, just a really good Mum that loves taking her daughter to dance class. I remember when Sara was little and taking dance and later ballet. She was ‘a little blue bird’ in a production of Beauty & The Beast at The Royal Theatre in Victoria, BC. My Mum and I were in the audience and couldn’t see Sara on stage…turns out she lost one of her baby teeth while fluttering around on stage. I love this post and it made me laugh! BTW thank you for the review on Arbonne…I love makeup and will have to check out their site 🙂

  8. shanarecker says:

    I’m happy to offer samples to anyone who would like to try out the products! Message me at and mention this post!

  9. Victoria S says:

    I’ve never heard of Arbonne products — do they work like the company Avon, where you order from a catalogue/sales rep?

    Victoria Ess

  10. I love how natural these products are – botanical ingredients, vegan-certified! It makes me feel a little better about trying on my girls!

  11. Susan T. says:

    I have a hard enough time putting makeup on my own eyes, I can’t imagine trying to apply it to a kid! Thanks for the giggle!

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