Great Gift Ideas for 7-15 year olds from @DKCanada

My daughter is turning 8 next week and in looking for gift ideas, I stumbled upon two great ideas from DK Publishing for children in her age group.

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Doodlepedia Pretty

Doodlepedia Pretty @MultiTestingMom

Rated for 7-12 years
by DK Publishing

Doodlepedia Pretty is a fun, colourful, fact filled and creative book that is made for children who enjoy learning and drawing all at once. There are opportunities for children to draw their own pictures as well as colour various pre-drawn scenes. This book is perfect for the budding artist and will definitely keep a child busy for hours! The book is a nice, large size filled with great quality cardstock paper and fun fonts with facts.

LEGO Ideas Book

Lego Ideas Book @MultiTestingMom

Rated for 7 – 15 years
by Daniel Lipkowitz

The Lego Ideas Book helps a child unlock their imagination by providing them with ideas for building projects with various lego pieces. The trend these days is to buy what we call “Lego Kits”. While children love these and they gain valuable skills like following directions when building these kits, I find they aren’t encouraged to use their imagination. This is a skill that is often lost this day in age. The Lego Ideas Book helps to spin a child’s imagination just enough to gain some ideas for new creations with their many Lego pieces.

In our house, my son and hubby are the Lego builders. I have absolutely no doubt that one day very soon, they will get some great use out of this book. Any Lego fan aged 7-15 years of age would enjoy receiving this book as a birthday gift.

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5 Responses to Great Gift Ideas for 7-15 year olds from @DKCanada

  1. Victoria S says:

    This would definitely be a hit with this age group

    Victoria Ess

  2. Shari G says:

    DK has awesome books and things for each age group. I’ve found things for all 3 of my boys!

  3. Tara says:

    I love DK books. That lego looks great. My son just got into buying the kits (and having enough sustained attention to build them and not just loose the pieces) but he loves building on his own too!

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