27 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Where Did the BBQ Go?

  1. mamawee says:

    ours would look like that too, but it is under our gazebo….

  2. Guppy says:

    I feel bad for you guys! teehee! I was out gardening on Saturday as my hydrangea is budding and needed deadheading. I love the west coast!

  3. Our barbeque’s been lost since sometime in November! Lol Seriously, I really, really can’t wait for spring!

  4. Sofia says:

    I want snow!!

    From PDX with Love

  5. Wendy S says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of snow!!!

  6. There was no snow here in Georgia, just a LOT of rain. 🙁

    Made for some grumpy toddlers…

  7. Ahh, that’s a familiar site. We didn’t take any pics ourselves – too busy shoveling. 😉

  8. Oh man I could have taken that picture months ago in our yard! But hope you all survived the big storm out your way!!

  9. Monica says:

    Wasn’t that a wild storm! We received about 30cm and the winds were wicked…thought the windows were going to blow out at one point.

  10. Tara says:

    A familiar sight at our house too, we have some similar pictures!

  11. Happy Wordless Wednesday!
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    Have a great Wednesday.

  12. Ice cream instead of burgers?

  13. Anne says:

    Looks like you got quite a lot of snow!

  14. Shannon L says:

    ^haha I’m all for ice cream instead of burgers! Thanks for the linky!

  15. This makes me grateful for our rain and not snow!

  16. guess you didn’t have steaks for dinner huh? lol

  17. HA! That is exactly how our BBQ looks right now 🙂

  18. Ah yes, we were asking the same question on Friday!!

    Thanks for linking up 🙂

  19. I love the snow, it is a beautiful part of nature I am missing, living in the desert now. Hope you can bbq soon. Thanks for hosting WW, Happy Valentines!!

  20. LOL! That looked like ours last week 🙂

  21. Brandi Yee says:

    I’ve seen many buried BBQs this past week lol. We put ours in the shed this year so it’s nice and cozy hehe.

  22. Our BBQ looked like that too. Our snow blower broke this time lol.

  23. josiefiorda says:

    WOW! I have to say my hubby would clean it off and still BBQ. He’d BBQ in any weather!

  24. Jennifer says:

    I love my pics of the kids playing in the snow out front while I shoveled the driveaway.

  25. Victoria S says:

    haha! I didn’t take any pictures, although I wish I had! All the snow is melted where I am.

    (Victoria Ess)

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