Wordless Wednesday: Dad Uses Vacuum to Make a Pony Tail!

Unfortunately, I had an amazing video to share with you today, but the video was taken down and therefore, I cannot include it in this post.

However, I will tell you what it was and maybe the vision of it will make you giggle!

It was a Dad making a pony tail in his daughter’s hair by putting a hair elastic around the end of a vaccuum hose, turning the vacuum on, sucking her hair up the vacuum while slipping the hair elastic around the pony tail.

He made a perfect looking pony tail in a matter of seconds. It was rather hilarious, although I’m not sure I would have done that.

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15 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Dad Uses Vacuum to Make a Pony Tail!

  1. Brandi Yee says:

    OHHH I saw that video on TV…I think it was a talk show. Hilarious! lol

  2. Wendy S says:

    I did see that video before it was taken down! The guy was very smart for figuring that out! LOL!

  3. lol That’s pretty funny.

  4. That’s a brilliant idea! Whatever works right? 🙂

  5. SamiJoe says:

    Yes, I would not have done it like that either. But interesting nonetheless.

  6. I’ve heard about that before..I’ll have to tell the mr not to use our Dyson to try that..Orangie would end up bald!! lol


  7. Tonya says:

    Lol, that’s pretty funny 🙂

  8. Ha! I think a lot would depend on the strength and cleanliness of the vacuum!

  9. lol that would be funny! hubby is pretty lucky we don’t have girls to contend with!

  10. Victoria S says:

    lol! Why did it get taken down? I wish I could have seen it.

  11. elizamatt says:

    Actually sound a bit dangerous, as if her hair could also be ripped out too. It’s too risky for my liking.

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