Fitness Friday: 4 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism PLUS a Great DEAL from Cardio Blast!

Many women are in search of ways to boost their metabolism in order to lose weight. To put it in simple terms, your metabolism is how much energy your body consumes to performs all of its actions. The more energy you consume the easier it is to maintain or lose weight. There are all sorts of things you can do to increase your metabolism in order to burn the most calories throughout your day. Some things like age and genetics you can’t control. However, there are things within your control that can help you burn more calories. Here are our four favorite tips.

Don’t let yourself get hungry
Many women think that if they eat less or starve themselves they will lose weight. While this may help in the short term, it is only sustainable for so long. You eventually have to go back to eating normally and then you will put all of your weight back on. By letting yourself get hungry you also mess with your body’s metabolism. Your body requires energy on a consistent basis to function. If you deprive it of food for energy it actually goes into conservation mode and tries to conserve energy. By taking your body through cycles of eating less and then eating more you continually mess with your metabolic rate and after many years of this your weight will eventually increase. Eat small snacks throughout the day to give your body a constant flow of energy.

Workout earlier in the day
When you exercise you burn a lot of calories and you increase your body’s metabolism with a higher heart rate and muscle usage. Another benefit of exercising is that your metabolism can actually be increased for up to 8 hours after working out. This is due to 2 main reasons. Often your heart rate is elevated after exercise for a period of time and this helps to continue to burn more calories after you workout. In addition, your body also then goes into recovery mode where it repairs muscle and tissue from the workout. This again requires more energy from your body effectively burning more calories. If you are able to workout earlier in the day then your metabolism will stay elevated longer during the day as you are still active throughout your day. Exercising in the evening is still good, but you often go to sleep sooner after your workout missing out on some of the metabolic increase.

Build Muscle
Muscle burns more calories than fat. Many women shy away from strength training as they don’t want to get big. In general women don’t have enough testosterone to gain significant size so this is not a worry. By building a little more muscle you will end up burning more calories when you workout as your body expends significant calories to keep your muscles moving. Keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. By building muscle at the same time as you lose fat you won’t lose as much weight. This doesn’t matter though as your overall size will shrink with tighter, leaner looking muscles and less fat covering them.

Try Interval Training
Many women exercise in the traditional way taking part in “aerobic” activity. This is where they perform steady cardio activities for 30 – 60 minutes with minimal fluctuation in their intensity. It has been shown that interval training burns more calories and improves the efficiency of the heart much quicker that steady cardio. Interval training is where you do short bouts of high intensity exercise (ie. 30 seconds) and then take a break (ie. for another 30 seconds). Interval training can also take away some of the boredom of long cardio workouts.

Try these 4 metabolism boosting tips and we are sure you will notice a difference in a few weeks.


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This Guest Post was written by Alex K from Cardio Blast.

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2 Responses to Fitness Friday: 4 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism PLUS a Great DEAL from Cardio Blast!

  1. Victoria S says:

    Great tips — these seriously super-charge your workouts and increase the payoff of all your hard work!

  2. Guppy says:

    I really need to be better at exercising earlier in the day to take advantage of the metabloic increase. I tend to get all my chores done first so it can be dinner time before I get moving 🙁

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