“All I Want for Christmas is Lego Star Wars”

Ok – you know the song “All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth” – that was the song I was singing when I typed in that blog post title! And it’s not me that really is singing those words, it’s my four year old son and…my husband because this year, I have two guys in my house who have asked for Lego Stars Wars for Christmas! One is big and the other little and both of them have a love for Star Wars Lego!

What is with Star Wars Lego?

If I were to answer that question, there would be a much different answer than if you were to ask my husband or my son.

My husband is obsessed with the Star Wars movies and of course he also happens to love Lego so naturally, he would have a small obsession with Star Wars Lego. He collects everything Star Wars and until he changed offices where he has no shelf space, he had them all displayed at work.

My son, on the other hand, has only just turned four and I cannot believe how excited he gets to talk about Star Wars and how much he loves to play with Star Wars toys. The main reason why I am so surprised is that he hasn’t even seen the movies! Ok, my husband has found some “child friendly” parts and has played VERY short segments for him. I’m not sure how old my son will be when we finally allow him to watch the whole thing. I’m not sure I even want to be in the house because his excitement just might be too much. That will make a great father-son bonding moment, won’t it?!

I believe that the root of this love for Star Wars and Star Wars Lego is because of how much my son loves, adores and looks up to my husband. It’s that strong, deep father-son bond and connection and what better way to connect than over building Star Wars Lego together! It’s true. My son just celebrated his 4th birthday and naturally, he received some Star Wars Lego. Surprise, surprise! He was so excited to sit (yes, actually sit – surprising for my four old, let me tell you!) to build his Lego with Daddy. The two of them sat for a good length of time together, building and talking about Star Wars. It truly melted my heart, regardless of the fact that I don’t understand what they are talking about.

This year will be the first year that both of my boys will be receiving Star Wars Lego for Christmas and I think it is the cutest thing ever. My goal is to find some pieces that will fit in their stockings too! I’m sure there is something out there.

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3 Responses to “All I Want for Christmas is Lego Star Wars”

  1. Wendy S says:

    LOL!! When I read the post title in my blog reader I knew this post was about your hubby!!

    Love that they both share the love of Star Wars!

  2. Ms. Key says:

    Cute! It’s so nice they have that to bond over, that’s awesome. Father-son bonds are so special! The kids at my school are Star Wars obsessed too!

  3. star wars lego is on our wish list too, guess what hubby is watching on tv right now? a star wars documentary lol

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