CINDERELLA Blu-ray Diamond Edition Combo Pack Comes Out Today!

“I felt like Cinderella, except my carriage was the Subway and my glass
slippers were from The Gap”

Greetings Blogger World! I’m Mel, very novice blogger and BFF of Multi-Testing Mommy’s blogger bud Ms Key (old of gold stars) and had the great privilege of representing this blog at a launch event last week for the re-release of Disney’s Cinderella (Diamond Edition) on Blue-ray (yes it’s “out of the vault”, folks!!). As a life-long Disney fan I jumped at the chance! When I found out the event was co-sponsored by Christian Louboutin? Well I pretty much jumped around like a kid in a candy store.

When I say I’m a Disney fan, I’m not kidding around. Growing up my family and I used to always visit Disney world on March break and while I was still a fan in my teen years, our vacations eventually took us elsewhere. When I started dating my husband, I realized I found a kindred Disney spirit! His family drives their trailer to Fort Wilderness Campground at Disney World every March Break and soon I started to join in on the trips (you are probably wondering “why the heck is she going on March Break if she doesn’t have kids”…well my hubby’s sister is a teacher!). My most special trip to Disney World was last May when my husband proposed at the All-Star Movies resort – he couldn’t wait for the fireworks at Magic Kingdom! I’m now trying to convince him to go on a Disney Cruise for our honeymoon…

So yeah, I love Disney…a lot.

Enough about me! The launch event was hosted at the TIFF Lightbox (an awesome place to learn about film history if you are so inclined) and there was a press event prior to the screening of Cinderella. So there I am chatting and I turn around and who do I see? None other than Toronto’s fashion queen, Jeanne Beker! If you’re curious to know, she’s very petite in real life and looks just like she does on TV!

The fun part of the event was that this was the finale for a contest put on by Disney and Christian Louboutin; girls submitted their Cinderella stories and the winner received a pair of Louboutin Cinderella slippers – only 20 were made in the entire world! They have lace, Swarovski crystals and of course the characteristic red soles. These were perhaps the most beautiful shoes I have EVER SEEN.

The three finalists had their hair and make-up done and received beautiful designer dresses to wear to the event. Erica, the winner, looked stunning and I couldn’t believe she wore the shoes after she won – I saw her in the bathroom with them on! I would put those puppies in a safety deposit box but honestly I can’t blame her for wanting to take them for a spin.

Did I mention that my third love (behind Disney, and shoes) is cupcakes? Oh yes,
they gave out cupcakes too. Those huge ones with delicious cream cheese icing.
Clearly the evening’s festivities (TIFF! Cinderella! Pretty shoes! Cupcakes!) got the best of me at this point and being the elegant Disney princess I am, dumped both my iPhone and my cupcake face down on the floor in the theatre (fear not, I got another cupcake!).

Now for the main event – the movie! It was such fun to see Cinderella in the theatre. I hadn’t watched it in its entirety for quite a few years, so it was amazing to realize how much I had still remembered those famous scenes and songs (you know that feeling when you know the words to a song 15 years later, and wonder where that info was stored in your brain?).

Overall, it was a great night out for Ms Key and I (thanks Disney!) and I will definitely be going to get the Diamond Edition blue-ray soon – you never know how soon it will go back into the vault!

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2 Responses to CINDERELLA Blu-ray Diamond Edition Combo Pack Comes Out Today!

  1. Ms. Key says:

    It was such a fun event! Great post, m’dear! 🙂

  2. Jayda says:

    Ohh this looked liked it was so much fun! awesome!

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