Let’s Get Healthy Together ~ Starting My Day Off Right

A few of us have decided to share our Healthy Adventures with you in a weekly post called “Let’s Get Healthy Together”. Please join us in reading about our adventures and sharing yours OR by providing us some encouragement in the comments! We need it!

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I’m a bit stumped this week as to what to share with you! I’ve decided to write about the start of my day. As mentioned in “I’ll Show You Mine…” post (please link up your posts, it’s not too late!), I like to get a look into other people’s lives, call me nosey, but I do find that we can learn SO much from one another when we share!

So, I am going to share what my typical morning looks like….
After falling asleep sometime around 11 (sometimes 10 if I’m super tired), I wake up to the sound of my husband’s alarm clock at 5 something. I have no idea what time it actually goes off at because I never look! While he gets ready for the day, I lie in bed trying to fall back asleep, but more times than not, I am up for the day. After he leaves for work, I get up and head quietly downstairs, crossing my fingers that I don’t wake up my children while the stairs creak.

I turn on my Keurig and the sound of the water heating up literally makes me smile inside. Yes, coffee makes me smile!

So after 6 hours of sleep, I am up and at ’em drinking my coffee and doing work on the computer. I check and respond to emails and often write posts too. There is a lot of admin type work that goes into keeping this blog going, so I just play catch up.

At around 6:30, my son usually wakes up and my daughter shortly after that. For breakfast, I’ve been having my PGX pills, water and oatmeal or eggs and toast or cereal. I would like to get into the habit of making smoothies too!

After breakfast, we all head upstairs and get ready for the day.

There you go, my morning routine in a nutshell.

With school starting next week, my morning routine is bound to change slightly, I’m sure. How could I be healthier? I’ve read in many places that in order to kick start your metabolism for the day, you should eat within 30 minutes of waking up. I’m not there yet, but maybe that is a goal I should set for myself!

By the way, I went for a nice, long walk twice this week! I’m moving….slightly!

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9 Responses to Let’s Get Healthy Together ~ Starting My Day Off Right

  1. MarianU says:

    I’m trying to get in the habit of making smoothies in the morning too but unless I want the kids to wake up early I have to wait to run the blender until they are awake!

  2. Denise G says:

    WTG!!!! Two long walks this week! You know I was just thinking about this. Walking – I do swim – but need more activity into my day. My routines are pretty boring. Actually, I should be honest here I need to get into a routine!! Keep up the great work. I am having the PGX in my oatmeal in the morning as you suggested when I do eat oatmeal. Great idea!!

  3. Denise G says:

    BTW I have been thinking about making smoothies as well. You know I have never had one 🙂 They are quite popular!

  4. el03ro says:

    September 1-Am I the only one who cringes when I put in this new date? Where did our lovely warm summer days go and how long will it seem til they come back?!
    Actually, your morning routine makes me very sleepy. If it suits your needs, then stay with it if you can. We all have different body rhythms and you fare better if you listen to yours. I think you are doing wonderfully well. I am trying to get back in an exercise program after a very lazy -exercise wise-summer. I have no excuse now. So I wish you the best in your health endeavours and I will be following you with all good wishes.-el03ro

  5. Sounds like pre-kids awake time is the perfect time to get some “behind the scenes” work done.

    Your morning routine sounds similar to mine. I would love to get up and do a exercise video, have a shower, and eat breakfast – but I think i’m lazy haha.

    Way to go this week. Keep it up!

  6. I spent my time off this summer with much the same schedule. Now I go back to up at 5am to get ready for work (ugh). The fact that you eat breakfast is fantastic – it’s just so important. I like your morning routine – wish I could stay on that – but now I will be trying to get up at 4:40 to squeeze in a little exercise. I don’t usually eat within 30 mins – I do get the cup of tea, and maybe a banana or a hard boiled egg, but I eat my breakfast at work while I read my email in the morning, so it’s hours later.

  7. I get up at 4:20 make my husbands lunch for the day, let the daycare kids in and get them down for a bit more sleep and then usually do my online stuff until it is time for the kids to get up. I was doing my workouts once the kids left for school last year but I havn’t started that again yet…but i will! Great job lady!

  8. Dee says:

    Oatmeal, flaxseed, blueberries and probiotic yogurt gives my day a good start.

  9. Jomama says:

    This school year I decided to make mornings less stressful and both the kids and I now make our lunches the night before. I can’t believe the difference it makes!

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