Gravol Natural Source® Ginger Tablets and Lozenges

Gravol Natural Source® Ginger Tablets and Lozenges are a great way to ease nausea and vomiting.

I was able to sample both the Tablet and Lozenge when I was experiencing severe nausea due to a migraine and I am happy to report that they did help!

Each lozenge and tablet contains the equivalent to 500mg of ginger dried root.

The beauty of consuming the Natural Source Gravol is that it is NON Drowsy as compared to the regular Gravol.

The tablets were easy to swallow and the lozenges disolved very slowly but can also be chewed.

My daughter experiences car sickness quite regularly when travelling long distances. I don’t like giving her medication to help her with her symptoms and this is where the Gravol Natural Source® comes in handy. I have no problem giving these to her and they do help!

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One Response to Gravol Natural Source® Ginger Tablets and Lozenges

  1. Shari G says:

    I liked the tablets personally. I can’t take regular gravol b/c it makes me sick to my stomach ironically enough. So this is perfect for me!

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