The Great Canadian Blog Bash #TGCBB

To copy a friend of mine, Maple Leaf Mommy, this post has been “stuck” to the top of my blog for the duration of the #TGCBB event! Please scroll down to see current content!

Proud to share Canadian Information!

In less than 1 week, Canada will be celebrating its 145th Birthday!

We are proud to be Canadian and would love to celebrate this special birthday with you!

Come on in, make yourselves comfortable!

Would you like something to drink? We have coffee for those of you who need a wee pick me up, we have some party drinks that are cold and slushy and we have water, including SASSY water.

Now for food, what kind of party food would you like to have? Perhaps you might enjoy some of food that we enjoy to serve at parties!

We have met quite a few Canadian Bloggers this year and are hoping to meet even more! Of course, we are inclusive at Multi-Testing Mommy so everyone around the world is always welcome to join us here!

In the past year, we have worked with some amazing Canadian companies. We feature some of these incredible companies on our Canadian Shopping Directory. If you have a Canadian company and you would like to be featured on this Directory, please feel free to contact us at multitestingmommy at gmail D.O.T com.

We are SO excited to be participating in The Great Canadian Blog Bash again this year!

To celebrate Canada’s Birthday, being Canadian AND most importantly, to celebrate YOU, our readers, we would like to share some wonderful giveaways for you to enter this week!

There are a ton of Canadian blogs participating this year in #TGCBB! Feel free to visit some …

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8 Responses to The Great Canadian Blog Bash #TGCBB

  1. mamawee says:

    some great giveaways you have here…off to enter!

  2. You got some FUN lined up! I will be entering for SURE!!! YAY Proud to be CANADIAN!!!

  3. Cheryl says:

    I’ve always been proud to be Canadian!

  4. Nicole says:

    Wow – you have some fabulous giveaways lined up!!!

    So proud to be a fellow Canuck!

  5. who is this ‘we’ you speak of? do you have a silent blogging partner? lol Thanks so much for taking part!

  6. Awesome giveaways! Thanks for joining us! I am on my way over to sample some of those goodies!! 😉

  7. Oh my! What a tasty looking party snack collection!

  8. Those strawberry-blueberry kabobs looks yummy! Thanks for taking part this year! 🙂

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