There Are Exceptions to Every Rule Even for @CanadianDad

Even my friend, Canadian Dad admitted that there are Exceptions to Every Rule. He just shared a post about how his daughter influenced his decision about killing bugs.

I am fully on board with what he talks about in his post. We should teach our children to be kind to all things, including bugs. This is very difficult for me considering I can’t stand bugs or any little, tiny creatures that roam around my house or yard. But, for the most part, they are harmless and in many cases, they actually do us some good.

As Chris mentioned, I am fully on board with saying that there are some bugs that just can’t live, especially when they are in your house….or can they?!

This morning, I was lying in bed at 5am as I heard thumping and banging coming from the kitchen. I knew that my hubby had gone downstairs a few minutes prior to that to pack his lunch and head out to work. In my half asleep nature, I lay in bed trying to think about what on earth my husband had chosen to make for lunch that required *that* much noise when I decided I had better go downstairs to make sure everything was ok.

Sure enough, my husband was standing with one eye on the ceiling and his hand on our bug zapper (you know, one of those tennis racket battery powered zappers?). Oh boy! I knew what it was. Yesterday when I was down in the basement turning on the outside water, I found a HUGE wasp. I chased it around our messy basement, tripping many times until finally, I came in contact with it. I never did find where it landed and we found out why this morning, I didn’t get him!

My hubby and I tag teamed that bad boy, both of us with rackets in hands until the best possible solution arose. The wasp decided to fly out the sliding door that we had opened. Sweet. We didn’t have to kill it and we were done the hunt.

I am glad that the wasp flew out the door, but I will also say that if it hadn’t made that good choice, it would have had another fate. Does this teach our children that there are exceptions to every rule or does it show them that their Mommy and Daddy are willing to protect our family from harms way?

I am keeping my fingers crossed that this one only wasp was an exception, but I still can’t help but wonder how on earth it got into our house.

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2 Responses to There Are Exceptions to Every Rule Even for @CanadianDad

  1. Canadian Dad says:

    You’re Awesome! Thanks for mentioning my post, lol, that was cool to stumble on!

    As for your wasp issue, we had the same thing happen about a month ago. My wife quietly pointed up to the ceiling and then without a word, she carefully removed the children from the room while Daddy did his thing.

    I’m sad to say that our wasp suffered a different fate that day than the one you’ve described, but with so many horror stpries about allergies to stings, I wasn’t going to let him hurt my kids.

    I also don;t like to show my kids the fear in our eyes when the wasps are swarming us, which is why we have silent signals to move them out, lol. Ninja Parenting!


  2. jed says: 3 inch wasp..but its actually pretty in an odd way, prob cus its so freaking huge

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